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I'm a single mother of a 10month old boy who's father is a deadbeat on so many different levels and can't be trusted. I've recently met and now in a relationship with who wants to be a father to my son depend on him as a father for anything that may be also wants to marry me says he loves my son and I very much as I feel the same about him he tells me he has dreams about holding a baby girl wants a child of his own one day as he has come over me somehow to even consider me ever having another child it all seems a little to good to be true as my past relationships ended very sour. How do I go about telling this man I want to be able to know and reassure I can count on him take some weight off my shoulders pretty much take all responsibility and duties as the boys father


Michelle - posted on 01/08/2013




I would back off and take your time. You have already had a child with someone that it didn't work out with so there's no point in rushing in again.

Keep separate houses for a while and make sure you don't rely on him financially or emotionally for now. You need to be able to love being on your own and love yourself before you can truly welcome someone else into your life.

Don't rely on him just because he is making all these promises to you now. That can change in an instant. Make sure you are self reliant and able to support your child first.

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