What should I do ??

Emily - posted on 02/19/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I don't know what to do for my teenage daughter birthday, she doesn't want to do nothing but she doesn't know what to do, she is turning 15 and doesn't want a massive sleepover and can't have a house party so what else is there to do ?


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Gena - posted on 02/19/2014




I find the cinema is a nice idea.Let her invite some friends to go see a movie and then go for a pizza or something.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/19/2014




What does SHE want? My kids, by that age, were happy with a 'hang out' night with their buddies. No 'massive' sleepovers, no major monetary outlay (beyond feeding 3-4 teenagers)...and they had fun.

Amy - posted on 02/19/2014




hmmm...here's a few ideas:

-take her and a few friends to a hotel for a fun night together...then they can also swim, you can order some pizza or whatever sort of food she'd want...then everyone could have breakfast in the hotel that morn or you could take them to a fun restaurant like i-hop or a breakfast buffet..

-take her and a few friends for main/pedis----maybe checkout groupon for some good deals (or ideas!)

-take her and her friends out to a sort of 'grown up' dinner at a fancier kind of restaurant where they could get all girly---all the girls could come over to your house and they could all get ready there together

-laser tag

-mini golf

roller skating at a local rink


-one part of the festivities could be to have the girls eat at the house but have 'make your own taco' bar...or something like that....some food/meal where you can just put out a bunch of the ingredients/toppings to build whatever they're going to eat....make your own pizza...build your own sundae

-take her and her friends out for ice cream at her fav ice cream place and let them put sprinkles and whatever kinds of toppings they want on it

-take everyone to a movie they're dying to see

-have pre-made gift bags made for the girls to take home...you could put nail polish, make-up, facial masks, chocolate and so on
A combination of any of these might be fun!!! Hope this helps!! :)

Yasmin - posted on 02/19/2014




I find bowling is always a good way to entertain people. Usually there is a restaurant in most bowling places and do packages for birthdays. Even if your good at bowling or not it is always fun.

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