What should I do about my 14 year old daughter?

Juliana - posted on 01/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




When she was 11 she started having sex. When she was 13, CPS cane in due to her sexual conversations at school. They are involved again due to her behavior and they told me to stop letting her see this 14 year old boy she was having sex with since 11. They told her authoritatively she will not have a boyfriend, sex is for adults and she is a child and should be worrying about school and not sex. When they 1st had sex, I begged this boy to give me his parents contact information so I can talk to them but he didn't no matter how long I persisted. Last night I saw her outside having sex with this boy she probably still considers her "boyfriend". We live in an apartment building on the 1st floor. The boy won't give me his parents contact information. I don't know if she's using protection. I don't know what to do with her anymore.


Dove - posted on 01/16/2013




Ground your child. She goes no where (even outside) other than school without you RIGHT there with her.

Talk to her about sex, protection, forms of birth control, stds, and pregnancy. Show her pictures online of what can happen to her if she gets an std. Make her do a report on exactly how she is going to provide for a baby for the next 18 years if she gets pregnant.... Take her to the doctor to be tested for any and all stds...

These are all things you should've done 3 years ago. It might not be enough, but it doesn't even sound like you are attempting to parent your child. It may be too late to start being a parent now, but you sure had better try... unless you want CPS to remove her from your home.

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