What should I do about my baby's dad issue?????

Tiffany - posted on 05/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




HI, I'm going to be a first time mom. i would like people's opinions on what I should do. See my baby dad left me a couple months after finding out i was pregnant. At the time he claimed he wanted to be there through the pregnancy to support the baby. Well since we split he never made an attempt to come to appointments or to even send a text or a single call to see how our soon to be daughter is. Recently i found out he has gotten into the wrong crowd of people doing drugs and drinking all the time. He's 29 and has 2 kids from his previous marriage which he used to take care of but has nothing to do with them anymore too. I would love for him to clean up his act and be in his daughters life but every time i try to talk to him he never answers my calls, texts, or emails. so my question is what should i do? Should i try and get full custody where he cant see his daughter due to his life style? Should i just go after him for child support in hopes one day he will "change" and want to be in his daughters life? or should i fight for him to give up his rights? I live in Missouri and have been doing a little research, but like i said this is all new to me and i dont even know where to begin. Please help!!!


Faye - posted on 05/22/2012




Make the attempt to contact his family (parents and siblings) as they are your child's family as well. Maybe if he hears from them that they have a relationship with the child then he MAY come around but do not bank on it!

Yes, take him to court for the child support AND full custody (you will need the money later on). Visitation is a separate issue and one that can visited by the courts at a different time. If you plan to breastfeed, go for it and do not think any more about it. If he wants visitations while you breastfeed, then he will just have to allow you to be there as well. IMO, Most judges should not allow a breastfed baby to be separated from mom for more than a few hours.

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