What should i do about my future sister in law ?

Nicola - posted on 11/07/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My sister in law was pregnant, when i send a text that offended her even though it was nothing to be honest, in the text i told her to honour her mum, to help her with the baby. Cause she was young when she got pregnant still in university,(we are same age) she was kicked out at home by her dad i also said ur family will not forsake u and she thought i was trying to say i am better i dont know what was running through her mind to take that text as an offence. She made it clear that she was offended so i apologised and she never replied i tried my best, i cant do no more to be honest. Surprise she was back home early and having a great time with her dad before she gave birth. So the way she is treating me is not nice , its like i took something from her, when i only wanted to help. she is just giving me a cold shoulder. So i told my fiance that i do not want her in my house if she cnt get along with me, he said its his sister she can come after we get married, she has her own place with her man now and i dont think i will be comfortable with her visits if she keeps giving me a cold heart what do i do since its his sister, i told him i will leave the house and come back when she leaves.....I need advice, should i continue being nice and be treated that way?

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