What should I do about my husband sometimes leaving and turning off his phone?

Bianka - posted on 11/24/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Sometimes my husband of 17 years will go out with friends while I stay with the kids. When I call him his phone is off. When he finally gets home, he will say that his battery died or something. I get over it..eventually but when I don't answer my phone on the first ring, he flips out and thinks the worst I hate it!!!


Lindsey - posted on 11/26/2011




How often do you try to call your husband when he is out with his friends? I know my husband used to get frustrated because I would call him several times while he was out, and finally he started turning his phone off. That annoyed me, but we talked about it and we agreed that he would leave his phone on (and make sure it was charged) and I would only call him in an emergency, not to check up on him. So far, it has worked out well. I know that if I need to talk to him I can, and he knows that I won't call unless it is important.

If you talk about it and he still insists that he just forgets to charge his battery, buy him a battery charger for his car, then, even if he forgets to charge it before he leaves, you can remind him to charge it while he's driving to wherever he is going.

As for him getting upset if you don't answer on the first ring, it could be that he may just be trying to get back at you for getting upset about him not answering his phone. Try talking to him about that as well.

Good luck.

Katherine - posted on 11/26/2011




My ex used to do that to me. He would lie I think. Because he was a gambler and just turn his phone off.
You need to talk to your husband because if an emergency came up, then what?
It's not fair of him to get mad at you either. He sounds a bit controlling IMO.


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Tinker1987 - posted on 11/26/2011




tell him its a 2 way street,you want him to answer when you call,and vice versa! but IMO he shouldnt shut the phone off if a emergency came up,as for calling to checkup,just have trust in your husband unless your really believing he is messing around.

Tamara - posted on 11/25/2011




When he leaves I would say Hey is your phone charged just in case something happens? before he leaves. Or say here take my phone with you just in case your phone dies again. Another idea is hey maybe we should send your phone in to see what the problem is with the battery it seems to always be dead.

Bonnie - posted on 11/25/2011




I would tell him how much it bothers you. And i'm sorry, but the battery can't be dead every single time. I would point that out to him. It sounds like an excuse to me.

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