What should I do about the father of my unborn child?

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First off, I  am 22 years old and currently about 19 weeks pregnant.  Little background of the father of baby: he's abusive, has slapped me twice in the face, and had bit me and left a bruise, he has domestic violence on his record, and also has a child that he never met.  (I didn't find all this out until after we broke it off)  

When I first found out I was pregnant I told the father of baby I was.   He didn't take it so well, at first he said I needed to get an abortion.  Basically, I had no other choice but to get an abortion.  And threaten to break it off if I didn't.   I told him I wasn't going to get an abortion and that's the way it is going to be.   We broke it off. The next day he texted me demanding I come over and see him.  Which I didn't started arguing about abortions again and told me I was on my own with this. And was never going to talk to me again Which is fine because I don't need someone like this in my life.   

About a month later he Texts me saying his misses me and wants to go with me to all my doctor appointments and ultrasounds.  About a day later he changes his mind and tells me how disgusted he is with me that I am pregnant.  

Then beginning of July he texts me again and tells me how much his misses me and he's so sorry he mistreated me and asks if we could get together for lunch and talk things through.  I told him no, that I didn't want anything to do with him and told him to leave me alone. 

Well... He gets mad, and was saying that I'm not allowed to tell anybody else I'm pregnant, I'm not allowed to tell them who the father is, that i only used him for his seed and dumb stuff and He says he's not the father! 

Then he tells me that he hopes the baby dies inside of me and hopes I trip down the stairs and miscarry.... :'( I Just stopped talking to him and blocked him off my phone and facebook, and printed out all the messages he's sent to me.   

I just can't believe he said those horrible things to me I don't know what to do about him.   Is there anything I can do? What if he shows up at my home or work    What if the baby is born and he decides he wants to see the baby... Can I say no to him? And when my child gets older and they ask about their father, how do I tell them about him.  . . Should I make him pay child support ... Should I unblock him and talk to him again or just leave him blocked out of my life for good ?


Michelle - posted on 07/20/2012




If it were me I would just leave him out of the equation he is unstable and could be a threat to your child. When baby is born don't name him as the father on the birth certificate that way in order for him to have rights to see the baby he would have to pay for dna testing. Unfortunately this means that you will not be able to get child support but if you can manage to go it alone I would do it.

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