What should I do for my twins b-day party?

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Hello everyone....I am a pre-planer. I have a set of 2 yr old twin girls, who were born December 31. I originaly planed to give them each a cupcake and a present and wish them a happy birthday. I wanted to save the party ideas for 4+. But I kind of want their day to be special. Since they were born on new years eve it's kind of hard to take them places to clebraate. I did have a idea to throw a 4 kid sleepover (with parents present). Any ideas would be considered! -Thanks


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Do they like ladybugs? You could make/buy little ladybug costumes (even paper circles with spots and tape them to their backs would be great) for each child. Then make big paper flowers and tape them down to the floor all over your house. Do a sort of follow-the-leader game a few times to jump onto all the flowers, then let them play by themselves. A ladybug cake should be pretty simple to make, too. That's one idea.

I had my son's 2-year birthday party in the morning, because the guests and the birthday boy nap in the afternoon. It went very well, with one set of grandparents, and two other kids with their four parents. The children had fun and the adults did, too. I'll do a morning party again next year.

My son is born in December, too, and I didn't want to impose too much on people's time because Christmas preparations are in full swing and they all have other parties and shopping and baking and family gatherings to attend to. I think you're in much the same boat. Either you turn their birthday into a new years party, or you keep it short and sweet so that the guest don't feel over-scheduled.

A sleepover seems more fun for older kids... I can't imagine trying to get lots of overtired toddlers to sleep in a strange place. Maybe you should wait for a little longer on that idea.

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