what should i do if my babies daddy wont stop cheating even though i know??

Taylor - posted on 01/08/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




my babydaddy has been cheating on me for many months. i still love him and try to make it work. he tells me that i dont try hard enough. i just found out tha girl hes been cheating on me with is pregnant and idk what to do because i might be to again. please help im going crazy


Amy - posted on 01/09/2013




Why are you tolerating this? Get rid of him, get yourself into counseling, stay single for awhile till you learn to respect yourself, get tested for STD's and if that's not motivation enough just ask yourself if this is what you want for your child? Eventually they are going to grow up and you don't say if you have a boy or girl but if you have a son is this how you want him to treat his girlfriend, and if you have a daughter is this how you want her to be treated?

Tara - posted on 01/09/2013




I second Jodi's answer. He doesn't love you and he sure as hell doesn't respect you. Dump his pathetic ass, get tested for STD's, file for child support and custody, set up visitation if you want him in your child's life.

You need to have respect for yourself and for your child (possibly children) as he definitely doesn't (and won't) respect you. Your baby needs to have a strong role model and he is not it, you are.


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Jodi - posted on 01/09/2013




Kick his arse to the kerb and get yourself tested for STDs. You have NO idea what he has been bringing home to you. Then, file for child support and make arrangements for custody. Why are you putting up with this? You need to have more respect for yourself than that, because he sure as shit has none for you.

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