What should i do if the teacher is attacking my childs personality

Chane - posted on 08/11/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So one after noon my 13 year old daugther came home from school in tears because last period they where in history and did not do much the first nit of the period but they started reading in there books the last littel bit and she and the boy across from her talked a littel bit but not much . Then sudenly the teacher says that they have to sit in detention because my daughter was copying her hand movements and that made a norther girl do it as wel.

But my daughter told her she did not do it but she didn't belive her and said to her that she has something very ugly in her and she hates it (this is not the first time she has said something like that to her the other day she said that she has a ugly hart and just wants to hurt people) and that realy hurt my daughter because she is a very good child and does ver good in her school work and does not get in trouble much so everytime that someone attacks her she just wants to start crying but then she feels week.So i dont know what do do because this teacher is attaching my daughers personality it is fine if she is mad at her for doing something wrong but does she have to go so far what should i do??????


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The "ugly heart" comment is unacceptable and very unprofessional. I would speak with the principal at the school, and if he or she does not take appropriate action, I would speak to the superintendent.
I would also speak to the parents of some of her friends to find out if they have similar experiences with this teacher. Usually, when a teacher uses a tactic like that, they use it repeatedly, not just with a single student. You can find strength in numbers when speaking with the principal and superintendent.

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