what should i do in order for my 7mos old baby to gain weight and become chubbier?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/13/2013




Umm.....is your baby under weight, or do you just want a chubby baby? Gonna need some more information here. Also, what are you already feeding your baby? If your baby is healthy, eating well, and at a good weight according to your pediatrician, why would you want make your baby chubby?

April - posted on 04/13/2013




If the baby is underweight, talk to your pediatrician about what you can do. My daughter was a chunky baby but right around 6-7 months she slimmed down a lot (learning to crawl), and she's tall for her age and finally filling out now at 4 years old. There could be a metabolism thing going on, like with my daughter. She eats like a horse and doesn't gain anything, which is because she got my metabolism. Definitely talk to your pediatrician about it.

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