What should I do in this situation?

Katelyn - posted on 12/12/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 6 years old and her bio dad has been out of the picture since she was 1 1/2 and all of a sudden wants to come back in the picture and I am married and my husband has been there to raise and support her since I left him. And my husband is the only one my daughter knows as dad. And he wants to try to force me to let him see her and I don't think she is old enough to spill the beans that her real dad walked out on her and all of a sudden wants to come back.... I'm not sure how I should approach it. He has already said before he got with his new gf that he wanted to sign over his rights.... I'm just not sure.


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Since she should've been raised w/ the truth.... 6 is not too young to know the truth. Better now while she is still young than when she's old enough to comprehend the full story and realize that you've lied to her the entire time.

As for how much you 'allow' him to see her would depend on what kind of man he is and whether or not he'd fight you in court. It's definitely time to introduce them, but I'd take it slow and supervised for the time being.

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Ask yourself if you think her reaction will be any better when she is 12 and finds out you denied him any relationship with his child when he decided he was ready to be a dad when she was 6......


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Well, IMO you should never have mislead your daughter. It is better for you to tell her the truth now and let her build a relationship with her bio father than have to deal with this when she is older.

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You have to make the right choice for both you and your daughter. If he is going to be a pop in type of dad then no. What child needs to have that type of disruption in their life.

Depending on the state the bio dad could fight for visitation rights and win the right to see her. I too have gone through this and determined my ex needed to win the right to see our child. He never went through with it.

Good luck to you.

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