what should i do my baby's father left me when i was 2 months pregnant

Tenisha - posted on 05/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I feel so hurt to see my unborn father's leaving me while im pregnant he went back to his woman who got his 2 kids. I feel so bad because when we was dating he told me he will necer go back to her he just going to support his kids but a soon as he got me pregnant he left me my mistake was dating him when he already got a baby but he told me his own reasons while they couldny be together. Now the girl goes to his house and cook for him but she doesnt live with her. He doesnt want be with me since i got pregnant he told me if i want get married to him or the relationship to continue to do an abortion if i dont i will never see him since then i decided to not do an abortion he left me and i dont know what to do because no matter what the other woman already have his 2 kids im pretty sure he will be around her having sex with her. As for me im only 2 months pregnant and is his baby i dont think he will turn around to look at me or his baby im the 2nd girl he just got pregnant i am so heartbroken i know what to do i am so young im just 18 and i will give a birth when im 19 i dont what to do. Please help!


Michelle - posted on 05/21/2015




If you want to keep your baby then you will have to make sure you can support a child on your own. You will need to file for child support once the baby is born but it won't be enough to pay for everything the child needs.
Do you have any family that can help you or are you on your own completely?
I strongly advise you not to wait around for him. If he gave you the ultimatum to terminate the pregnancy to stay with him then you need to run a mile. You don't want to be with someone who tries to get his own way like that. It's horrible that he would even say that to you. He also has a part in you being pregnant, he could have used a condom so don't let him blame you for this. It took both of you to create this baby.

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