what should i do? My family is falling apart.

Jackie - posted on 04/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my boyfriend of a year wants me to move out from my parents just to follow his singing dream and although i dont feel good about the environment of where he wants to take my baby and i, my baby is 1month and 2 weeks and im still trying to get the hang of being a new mom. He thinks its ok to live at his parents house or at his brothers house and in both of those homes theres things a baby shouldnt even experience, like at his parents house his father is always arguing and hitting his mother, and theres other kids at that house that are very agressive, i wouldnt want them to hurt my baby. At his brothers i hardly talk to him and his wife, they are very preserved and just not where i would want to live i would just want to have our own place but we cant afford it My parents have been a great help, they charge us 200 dlls for rent now a days there is no rent like that dats almost free plus we dont pay bills or food all we have to worry about is baby things, I might be selfish but i wanna live where i feel comfortable at not somewhere where i just have to stay in my room all day just to avoid things. I really dont know what to do.. HELP PLEASE


Louise - posted on 04/18/2012




I would not think twice about taking a baby into a volatile situation where a man is hitting a woman. no way. Your baby needs to be in a calm loving environment with familiar faces in it, to feel safe and secure. You will never relax if you and your child are going to be in the middle of a battle between parents and teenagers.

May be your partner can not see it as he has grown up in this situation. I does not make it right. Sit down with your fella and tell him that you want to stay at your parents until you are stable enough to buy your own place. It is to much upheaval for the baby. He should want what is best for his baby and agree with you!


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I say stay where you are comfortable. Being a new mom is hard and you need all the support you can get.

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