What should i do to help my only child, she's seeing spirits again?

Jovi - posted on 10/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ever since she was a little girl she would see 'things'. She said they weren't human. She would talk to them like they were her best friends. I thought it was her imaginary friend period. but she started waking up with little scratches and opening the windows. she would wake up crying and screaming, or wake up in me and my husbands bed. We started going to church and getting closer to god.

For years she hadn't seen anything. she is now 20 and is very close to the lord. She just recently returned from a four day church retreat. but she has started seeing these 'things' she called dark shadows and a man. and at night she feels the 'urge' to open her windows.

she's scared she is going crazy but i have taken her to see a doctor and she is fine. I feel so helpless.

Is stuff like this real?


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She may need to go and see a psychic medium, an older person who has a lot of experience who can help her make sense of what she sees and give her ways to deal with it.


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