What should I do when a PE teacher is being verbally abusive?


Sarah - posted on 03/20/2016




When you are dealing with verbal abuse, it can be such a subjective issue. While your child did feel hurt and unwanted, less than or unimportant, that may not have been the intent of the teacher. Verbal abuse has to have an intent. I had a gym teacher who would call kids lazy for walking the track rather than running, was/is is abuse? Tough to say. However, if your child had a medical reason for not participating, then the PE teacher is 100% in the wrong by threatening her grade. I'd talk to the teacher, hear his/her side and then go to the principal.


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Mrmrsgclopez - posted on 03/20/2016




Yes I can.... My daugther PE teacher makes her and a few others girl feel unwanted, less then, and like there not important. When my daughter told her PE teacher that her knee was hurting PE teachers response was this " that's what happiness to people who are lazy like you." There was another time when the PE even made my daughter run laps when she had a doctors note " Stating for my daughter not to be in her pe class for 10 days" The PE teacher told my daughter that if she didn't run she will be fail from pe.

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