What should I do with my violent kid?

Sammy - posted on 01/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a son who is 10 years old and recently he has become very violent. The littlest things seem to upset him. He will kick, punch, hit, throw things, bang his head against the wall, and throw himself down on the ground. When he becomes like this, it is very hard for me to control him. I don't know what to do. I have taken him to doctors, counselors, etc. but nothing seems to help. and in school, he is even worse and teachers have had to restrain him. Until I can get the help I need, should I restrain him him to keep him under control, and to keep him from hurting himself or anyone else? and honestly... Don't know how to restrain a chid. Please comment and help me with this. Thanks!!


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Kelina - posted on 01/23/2012




What toehr coping mechanisms have you tried to teach him? deep breathing? punching a pillow instead? does he have any other areas he can get the aggression out like sports? Have you talked to him after he's calmed down about what made him angry in the frist place and how he can deal with it better next time? Is he being bullied at school? is he having a hard time with his grades? are there any other major upheavals going on in his life ie divorce, loss of a loved one, moving etc. Lots of things can trigger stuff like this, unfortunately including the onset of puberty but for it to come on so suddenly and so violently it's probably a combination of things. See if you can figure out why he's doing it and ways to help him cope with his anger, including controlling it yourself if you have to with the eventual goal of having him be able to deal with it on his own.

Chrystal - posted on 01/23/2012




I don't know if this would work seeing as he is 10 but I read an article that said for smaller children if they are throwing a fit and being violent toward you that you can restrain them by coming from behind and wrapping your arms around them with their hands at their sides and sit like that until they calm down. Like I said at 10 years old he's a lot bigger and stronger so I don't know if that would work. Just keep trying to get him help maybe video tape an episode to show the doctors they may not take what your saying serious enough or understand how to help until you show them. If you have to call for emergency help do it they can't help in the long term but they could help keep him and others safe if it's that bad.

Kyleigh - posted on 01/23/2012




Is there a number to call in your area for help? Im surprised counselors don't recommend or give your a referral, did they ever suggest in patient treatment?

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