what should i do with unruliness?

Laura - posted on 01/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




why all of a sudden has my 12 & 7 yr old daughters & my 6 yr old step son forgot their manners? i just started back to school & i need tje family more than ever to help me around the house & be tje good kids i know tjey cam be & instead i get ungrateful brats. i dont need anymore stress added to me what do i do? i also have issues with my stepson crying @ the drop of a hat. he has been like this for as long as ive known him. i met him.when he was 3 yrs old & his mom took off out of state. i know there has to be some abandonment issues i just dont know what to do. i seem to be the only one who isnt in denial that there is something wrong. his grandparents(dads parents) find it fitting to treat him like a baby cradling him lkke a baby & talking to him in a baby voice. he is in kindergarten for crying oit loud! i love this boy but find it hard to be around him @ times! any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Sherri - posted on 01/29/2012




Some kids are just way more sensitive then others. I was exactly like your step son when I was a kid. I cried over everything even if it was good. If there was change in my schedule at all, woke up late etc. I would sob. Really it isn't a problem it is simply his personality. I still cry easily as an adult a sad story, an argument, frustration, a movie.

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