What should my 3 year old know by now?

Shannon - posted on 07/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Oh Ladies I really really need your help right now because I am super stressed out.. My daughter is going to turn 3 in november and Im afraid she is behind where she is supposed to be...She doesn't know her numbers, letters, colors etc...Its not that she is slow because we have had her tested and they have all said how smart she is...in fact a lot of the tests they did on her they hadn't done before because usually kids don't make it that far...I try to sit her down and count, sing the alphabet and stuff and she just gets up and goes over and plays...we do try to count with her all the time, and we will hold something up and say "yeah that's a purple flower" I just don't know what to do with her because I don't want her to be behind in preschool when i send her I look at books with her and once she figures out im trying to teach her she gets up and plays somewhere else...Please tell me she is ok :)


Jaime - posted on 07/17/2012




She is definitely okay...breathe :) She is very likely a kinesthetic learner (as most kids are really) and so she associates more with play than with flash cards or books, etc. When she is playing, sit with her and make conversation "oh, I like that purple block you have...lets put it on top of the blue block" and see what she does. There is a difference between knowing and understanding. Lots of kids know and recognize colours, shapes, numbers and letters, but they don't always understand the connections....that takes time. Repetition is key because it will help them commit things to memory. Just work with her the way that she learns best...by playing. If she's sitting playing with her dolls, grab a book and read it aloud while she plays. When she's in the bath, get some colour and shape toys that she can play with and just make conversation about them instead of 'instructing' on what the shape and colour is. I am betting that once she's in school, the influence of having other kids around will help to bring her a bit more out of her shell and all of that knowledge she has built up quietly will come pouring out. It's truly amazing what their little minds can accomplish by sheer observation, so if you're actively participating in play with her, then I'm certain she is gaining some understanding of what she sees and hears.

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