what should my 61/2 month old be eating daily?

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Louise - posted on 08/23/2011




If he is new to solids you should introduce foods slowly in case he has a reaction to it. My children were eatting solids a long time before they should be but at 6 months they were eating cereal and formula milk for breakfast, a slice of bread spread with either cheese spread or marmite, a portion of fruit or cucumber sticks and a few toddler crisps. Mid afternoon they would have a yoghurt or raisins and for dinner, minced meat with mashed potato, carrots, peas and broccoli. Once your child is eating foods as long as he has a varied diet he is getting good nutrition. At 6 months he should still be having milk which contains a good source of calcium and antibodies.

Just remember not to add salt to cooking and keep the saturated fat low. There is nothing wrong with giving your child (when older) chicken nuggets just make sure that the meat is 100% chicken breast and not cheap cuts of chicken formed to make a nugget. The same with fish fingers.

Try and make sure that your child eats plenty of fruit and vegetables and lean cuts of meat and once you stop giving the bottles replace the calcium with yoghurt, cheese and fromage fraise.

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