What should my kids call my sister in law mother?

Bunny - posted on 06/30/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok weird question. My kids call my sister in law mother (oma). Oma means in different languages mother or grandmother. My sister in law is my husband brothers wife. They do not have kids and sometimes have my kids over to spend the night. When they do it's like she plays house and it's creepy because they act like my kids are theirs. Even going so far as to argue with my children that I am wrong and its always about dumb things. An example is my oldest son told them "my mom said the body is made up of 70% water and he argued it was a different amount. My son said well that's what my mom told me and he said well your mom is wrong. My son got upset by it. Like all kids think their parents are super man or some kind of wonder woman that really has eyes in the back of their heads. In my opinion I don't care how wrong the parent is you do not tell the child the parents are wrong and argue it. They want my kids on holidays, their birthdays(my kids) or special occasions to celebrate them with her parents without us around. I have only met her parents briefly on two occasions and by brief I mean five ten minutes at the most. I don't mind them spending time with my children. They should see and spend time with their aunt and uncle. Back to my question is it okay for them to call her "Oma" meaning mom or grandma? When really she isn't either of those. Should they just call her miss (.....). by her name and still be respectful in that way. I think its a name her mom came up with. I guess when she actually becomes a grandma that's what she would want to be called.


Ev - posted on 07/01/2013




She is nothing to these kids but the mother of their aunt by marriage. They can respectfully call her by her first name or come up with a nick name for her. But if they have chosen the Oma for a name then I guess tis fine. What bothers me is how they want to have your kids on all holidays and birthdays as if they are their own kids. You are the parent you need to set the boundries with relatives.

Amy - posted on 07/01/2013




If that's what they're comfortable calling her I don't see a problem with it, I know many people who use the term aunt or uncle for close friends.

Rhiannon - posted on 07/01/2013




My daughter calls her auntie, auntie ceri (auntie and then first name) maybe something like this would be more appropriate x


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