What should you do if your teenage son runs away to his dad's during the night

Sarah - posted on 10/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My teenage son is 17 and when he doesn't like to be grounded for something he does or doesn't want to deal with me.He will run away to his dad's in Boston from Hartford conneticuit where we live.What should I do I wake up with him gone and my ex husband calling me saying either you can come and get him or I can bring him to you ?


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Jodi - posted on 10/19/2014




I think dad needs to step up here and do more than bring him home to you. Is there a reason you and dad can't get on the same page about consequences, and dad keep him there, but with the same consequences in place? Then he may realise that running away to dad every time he doesn't like your rules is not really an option.

Ev - posted on 10/19/2014




You need to sit down with dad and discuss this and see what is going on. Also talk to your son and see what is going on with him. It might be time to let him go live with his dad thinking that the fence is greener in that pasture so to speak. He might find out its not going to be that way.

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