What should your 32 month old be doing?

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I am just curious as to what most 32 month olds should be doing; like how many words should they be saying.. how many words do they usually use in a sentence... potty trained.. just really anything..


Michelle - posted on 11/26/2011




I have to agree that every child is different. My daughter will be 3 next month. She is quite athletic, climbing everything, running, jumping etc... And she has quite the imagination and will pretend to make a cake (out of thin air) , she will go through the motions and hand you an imaginary piece of cake. She speaks in sentences no problem. She knows all her letters, her numbers up to 14, colors, shapes. We got a checklist from one of the drop in play groups that outlines the different skills they should be at by that age and if there is anything on the list she doesn't do then we know to work on that. Ask your doctor or preschool if they have a list like that. It would be interesting to see what your child does and what you can have fun working on together to acquire more skills for that age group.


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Mimi - posted on 11/28/2011




Don't worry, lots of kids develop later.My son was a late bloomer, and just started talking at 3. Now he is a Harvard grad, and a CEO. Keep talking to your child all day and talk to the pediatrician about some testing.

Carol - posted on 11/24/2011




My 3 year old didn't talk much until he was three and then he spoke in sentences. But he would jump out of bed to wet the floor, because he didn't want to wet his bed (under 3)

Stephanie - posted on 11/24/2011




My son is 3. He knows he is supposed to use the potty, but often does not want to stop playing to go. Like Katherine, I don't try to force him. He talks almost in full sentences and uses some words incorrectly, like her and she. To him, they are interchangeable. He can throw and hit a baseball, and play soccer, but often doesn't understand the concept of games. Knows right and wrong and with a look, will put himself in his timeout spot, before apologizing for whatever behavior got him put there. He throws fits. He tests boundaries. He hits when he's mad. He knows please and tjank you although he often forgets to use them. He cannot color in the lines. Doesnt remember words to songs. And is not very well at pretending. However, he can subtract and add, ryhme, group, and when he learns something on his tv shows it sticks. He is completely opposite my niece, who is his same age, but both are just as intelligent. All kids are different and learn in different environments and speed. If you are truly concerned you should talk with your pediatrician about possible developmental delays. Good Luck!

Katherine - posted on 11/24/2011




my daughter speaks fluently, has fine and gross motor skills. The only thing is that she isn't potty trained. She does it when she feels like it. I don't force it, I don't believe in that, it just causes regression.

She is very smart and funny, comes up with the funniest things. She colors in the lines very well. But like Keli said every child hits their milestones at different times.

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