what sport is good for 8 years old


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Depends on the child's personality and what type of sport they are interested in.
Ask the child what he or she wants to do. If they do not know exactly what they want to do, ask them what they want to get out of the sport--do they prefer a team, individual competition, or some combination of the two? Do they like high action moments with rest in between, or do they prefer a steady pace of activity? Indoors or outdoors? Water or land? etc.

My son is 9. He does Taekwondo and gymnastics year round. Those are geared more toward individual competition, but there are some team events in Taekwondo. He does Baseball in the Spring and Fall (the Fall season is more just a practice season, but it helps him develop good relationships with his teammates), and he does diving/swim team in the summer IF I feel we have time for it and he REALLY wants to do it. We are at a point where I feel he may be doing too many different things and failing to fully focus and truly excel in any of them, but he loves all of them right now and doesn't want to choose. Generally, I think one team and one individual sport is a good balance.

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