What stuff do I really need?

Megan - posted on 12/20/2009 ( 21 moms have responded )




My husband and I are getting ready to fill our registry, and have no idea what things we really need. We are at 30wks and haven't gotten anything yet, so any advice would be appreciated!

Cradle? Bassinet? Moses Basket? Crib? how long did you use one or any of these?

Changing table? Diaper Genie?

Baby carriers - sling? Bjorn? other?

Strollers/Car Seats?

Other 'gear' that has come in handy?

What has been your 'can't live without!' in the first few weeks after baby came home?

Thank you!


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Crystal - posted on 12/21/2009




You have to have a car seat legally to bring your baby home unless you plan on taking a bus! So make that first priority and a coming home outfit. Crib is great even better if you get the kind that grow with the baby into a toddler bed and so on. I would recommend a swing you will love me later for that so many uses. Definitely a Diaper Genie you would love me even more for that then the swing...unless you plan on running outside all the time or putting them in grocery bags and tie them up every use as well. Change tables with storage are very handy and a dresser for all babies clothes etc. I wouldn't skimp on the dresser babies grow and so do the amounts of clothes and need for storage so may as well get a good size one to start with and save your money in the long run. I'd say those are your primary things! Baby baths are handy, depending on the amount of walking you do running strollers are excellent even if your not running. Baby carriers are I think better when they are small before they are to big around 6-9 months depending on size then put in a stroller. Great weight training for you also walking around with a baby strapped on you lol. I have a wipe warmer and being I didn't get it till my 3rd child I recommend one of those a good one. Play Yard with Bassinet and change tables are nice for another floor in the house or travel. Sleepers and Onsies are wonderful I wouldn't waste to much money on really nice expensive clothes just a few because the first 6 months babies grow really fast and before they are in them they have grown out so do get some just I'd recommend more onsies than outfits they tend to sleep alot first few months on and off and spit up. Tons of blankets are handy the kind your not afraid to wipe spit up with and throw in the wash repeatedly and a few warmer ones to snuggle in and a nice one to go out in. Most of this you will use for a year to two years if not longer. Things that won't last long are the clothes, bassinets by the time they can sit up you should take them out of a bassinet into a crib or lower the crib by the time they can stand. Things you will need alot of WIPES, BABY POWDER, BUM CREAM, BATH WASH, DIAPERS OF DIFF. SIZES. Much more it evolves as your baby grows lol but those are generally the basics.

[deleted account]

I personally love my boppy pillow & wonder how I got by w/#1 w/out it!!! Babe loves his swing! They make toys that are projetors that play music I would buy instead of a mobile for a crib (would also get a transitional crib the one w/the changing table is HUGE & I never really used the table! always cleaned babe where ever I was at on a changing mat!) Depending on what season you are delivering and how much laundry you want to clean...I would only buy footy jamies (blanket sleepers or whatever they are called?) A few outfits for going out & pictures, but my babe LIVES in jamies!!! They spit up al the time and make messes...its alot easier to clean ONE article of clothing instead of umptine outfits!!! My 1st son lived in onesies, he was born in the summer 2nd one is 3mos now always in his jams!!! Diaper bags are handy! Someone mentioned extra clothes, I'd keep 3 for babe and 1 for u!!! Maybe leave yours in the car! Took my son to the doctor for shots and the little bugger had a blow out poopy that leaked on my leg :( I felt sooo gross until I could get home and change, he of course was fine after a trip to the bathroom!

Think about how you want to feed your babe! If you are breast feeding you may want a pump as well? If you are going to exclusively pump I would get a dbl electric (I use medela pump in style~well worth the money!!!) If you plan to mostly breast feed but would like to go out on occasion a hand pump would prob be sufficient if you don't plan to pump much...your hand can get a little sore if you do this all the time :) So you would need some bottles...Dr. Browns work real nice! My 2nd born doesn't spit up anything like his brother did!!! If you do grab a can of formula just in case but still plan on mostly breast feeding, I'd get a smaller one because they are super expensive and are supposed to be tossed after being open for 1 month!!! You could also see if your pediatrician has any samples and then you could avoid purchasing it all together...

Depending on how big your babe is going to be...newborn clothes (5-8lbs) were useless for my sons who were born @ 8 and only fit in these for 1 wk! #1 was pretty on target for the 0-3 mos, 3-6mos sizes etc. until about 1 when he would get bigger on the top half but not soo much on the bottom...#2 was put into 3-6mos clothes @ 2mos and is now 3 mos and they are starting to really FIT so he will be in 6-9 here prob by next month! Jamies all the way! Seriously, having to clean onesies and pants every time they spit up or mess themselves...totally not worth it!

Natasha - posted on 12/20/2009




Must haves (my nephew is 2 mo old):

Recieving blankets
nose bulb
night light
stoller/car seat
bottle steamer
a sling if you're outgoing
rubber duck that tells you if bath water is too hot
sound sleeper

Hope this helps!

Sharon - posted on 12/20/2009




According to the naturalists around this forum, all you need are your boobs and some water.

I, however, preferred some niceties.

Get the consumer reports. Look at the ratings for car seats & strollers. I've found those to be really accurate. Parents Magazine and Baby Talk were also helpful.

I made a list of the high cost items, put all the brands under the title (stroller, carseat, etc) model number, then went to the baby stores to try them out. I took a big teddy bear to fit in there. I made a mistake with my stroller, it weighed a friggen ton.

I do not like the carry basket carseats, they just never tested as well in safety as the full sized carseats.

We used a bassinet for 4 - 6 months,

pack-n-play is a MUST,

changing table = waste of money

diaper genie was AWESOME

Maya sling was fun but awkward to work in the house with the baby in the way

[deleted account]

Best sling in the Ego, it can be used from birth to...well my 4yr old still uses it! It can be a front/side/back-carrier and is very comfortable and very discreet when breastfeeding. Also, get a good sun hat too. Good luck!

Alisha - posted on 12/20/2009




Congrats! Baby Bjorn was a waste of $100. Bought from slinglings.com and am still using it w/ my 14mo old son when a stroller is too cumbersome. Travel swing was a waste, too only because my son didn't like being so reclined.Boppy pillow was awesome to have even after I stopped breastfeeding. I got my changing table from target.com and it sits in a corner so that when the baby is lying on it, his feet are at your stomach.A regular changing table has you standing perpendicular to the baby & makes it difficult to chg diapers. The corner changing table can later be used as shelving or tv stand. Huggies makes disposable chg table covers for when ur out in public. I cut mine into 8ths so they last longer & just place them under his tush. babyjakes.net has these CUTE diaper caddies that hold a diaper and wipes. when you unfold it, it has a vinyl liner so you can lay in on the public changing table. it's really handy if you don't want to carry a whole diaper bag in. The Sassy teething thing that is a little mesh bag for the baby to chew on is awesome! It looks like one of those lollipop rings or a pacifier w/ a mesh bag instead of a nipple. before baby is able to eat well, you can put frozen fruits, breads, snacks..just about anything in the bag & let them chew on it w/o worry of choking. The brand "Summer" makes a baby monitor w/ video and the monitor is portable. It's about $200 but it was the best money spent! Still using it. My glider/rocker wasn't necessary because I got tired of being separated in the nursery just because I wanted to nurse or rock the baby. It was a waste. As for the diaper genie...it takes special bags. i bought a Diaper Champ & you can't smell a thing! It uses regular trash bags. Cradle, bassinet.. I had a Kolcraft/Jeep travel play yard that had a built in removable bassinet & that worked for the few months that he used it. Carseat: first one was Britax Companion infant carseat. One of the only w/ an anti-rebound bar to protect against movement during rear and front impact. Loved it. My son is now in a Combi Zeus 360 degree turn carseat. It's awesome! It swivels toward the door so you don't have to practically crawl into the car to put him in or take him out. it's good for 5lb-40lb so it'll last a while. Hope this helps! Good luck & Happy registering!!

Michelle - posted on 12/20/2009




This book helped me
Baby Bargains

I would suggest some of the obvious: crib, diaper genie, diapers, changing pad (not necessarily table, I ended up changing my babies wherever), if nursing bobby pillow, if bottle feeding bottles, if using breast milk for bottles then a rent or buy a hospital grade breast pump (hospitals will sometimes have used ones and you can change out plastic stuff), Baby Bjorn, I never used a newborn stroller that you can put a car seat in (most places you go to like grocery store just put your newborn seat on grocery cart or I used my baby carrier), pack n play that has a bassinet with it (that way you don't have to buy extra furniture), I've used for 6 yrs a backpack diaper bag (comes in handy with keeping the hands free), if you're limited on space don't get a high chair there are great booster seats that you can use from newborn to toddler, baby bulb syringe or the kits that include that and thermometers, and the like, receiving blankets (you'll learn the newborns like to be burrito wrapped), little mittens for the hands so they don't scratch themselves, if it's winter time and you live in a place that has bad weather then a cozy carrier to go over the carseat to protect the baby. Good luck.

[deleted account]

1. nappies and wipes - buy in bulk cos you will go through them very quickly.

2. a good quality nappy bucket with a lid - put the dirty nappies in this and empty and the end of the day, makes life so much easier!

3. a desk/table - buy a change mat cushion, put in on the desk and use this as your change table. its cheaper than a change table and can be re-used when the kids are old for a study desk... not to mention you can fit your bucket and nappies next to the change cushion as well.

4. singlets and socks - people usually buy you the cute outfits and not the practical stuff for a baby shower... you will need about a dozen singlets and 1/2 dozen socks.

5. cradle - bigger than moses baskets and bassinets so bub will be able to use it longer. great for having bub in your room when you first have them, and means you dont have to re-arrange your room to fit a crib.

6. baby born - best and easiest baby carrier to use! ive tried them all and this takes the cake... its even daddy friendly! great for quick trips to the shops!

7. swaddle / wrapping blankets - if you can afford it go a mirrical blanket as they are pretty much the best invention in the world!

8. terry square cloth nappies - all purpose cloth, spew rag, burp cloth, put it on the change table to prevent 'accidents' very very very useful and cheap!

9. pram / stroller - this is the item you dont go cheap on - buy one which can fully recline and also sits up for toddlers - good quality = good steering! it took us three 1 hour visits to the baby shop to choose this item. $900 later we had our city elite pram - best money we spent!

10. bottle and a tin of formula - just in case - knowing its there can help you keep your sanity!

11. car seat - capsules are great for newborns cos you can carry them around and not wake them, but very expensive - get a reversiable car seat... middle of the range is just fine!

12. baby wash / small towels / wash cloth - dont buy baby ones as they are a rip off - just get smaller kid sized ones - cheaper and they can be used as the baby gets older.

thats pretty much it for the first fe weeks / months. anything else you can buy as you go! hope this helps!

Amber - posted on 12/20/2009




Its funny because with my first son I wanted all of that but now, after having my third, all I knew that I really needed was some oneises and a carseat, lol.

You could go with a bassinet so that your baby is close to you but, if you have a baby monitor and a crib then that is one last thing that you need. A moses basket only lasts for a couple of months and is too overpriced. Cribs are good unless you & your husband wants the baby to sleep in the same bed with you. There are pros and cons to this however. So I would suggest a crib. Changing table I think is kind of over rated. I always seemed to change my baby and dress them after a bath on a clean blanket on my bed. It is good for storage though. Diaper genies is an extra cost that you wont need. Sure they are supposed to hold in the smell of a diaper but you can also buy little single blue sacks, about 150-200 sacks for like $2-3 bucks versus the diaper genie refills that cost much more. Plus, they take up extra room. Baby slings are good, I definitely suggest one of these. Go for one that you really want on your registry, you never know what someone is willing to buy you. Slings are best for small newborn babies. Stroller, YES! Car seat, just do your research babe and pick a pretty color :). And there is so much more "gear" that you think you'll need but, you'll figure it out as you go along. Good thing about most places is you can take it back to the store, even without a gift receipt. I say stock up on blankets, they are good for warming the baby up and catching a lil bit of spit up and cost less than "burp clothes" and be sure to have your camera ready to capture everything, it goes by so fast! Enjoy the ride! :)

Michelle - posted on 12/20/2009




If you do get a diaper genie just use plastic bags that you get when shopping, they cost way less, and fit in the bottom half of the diaper genie great

Michelle - posted on 12/20/2009




I did not read most of these but what I did for a changing table was buy a dresser with 6 drawers, I used a drawer for the diapers, wipes, creams and everything else I needed when I changed baby. I also took up less room then a dresser and change table. I also had a rocking chair in the babies room for late night feedings, or just cuddle time.

Shae - posted on 12/20/2009




The first weeks are such a practice run; I found that I didn't buy mostly until after he was born. Baby bunting is the way to go you can find a great variety and sales and I found the prices are flexible, and sales are great. He loved the bassinet and I found it easier to have my new born in the room with me. He was in his bassinet until nearly five months. My can’t live without ... my pram on the days where routine isn’t working, he will usually settle for a nice long walk in the morning or afternoon. Also if you’re looking for good equipment don’t forget that in your local area they hire out baby toys and play gyms so that you don’t waste your money, ask around for hire area's they are perfect and more practical than buying brand new.

Tasha - posted on 12/20/2009




When my daughter was born, I used a bassinette. Mostly because we didnt even have a crib yet... :P I LOVED having it because no matter WHERE in the house I was, I could bring her with me so I didnt have to keep running down the hall to check on her!!! We used that until she was 4 months old. I could not have lived without my daughters swing either!!! We had a bouncer too, but she HATED it. She would just CRY. :( :( I never used a boppy, I think they are wayyy overpriced. Bed pillows will do just fine!!! You will need LOTS of clothes, (dont be afraid to get a few nb outfits, but make sure that you get a good amount of 3/6m!!! I put a sleeper on my daughter one week, and it fit her just fine, then the next week, it was too small!!) :P burp clothes, blankets, and a few spare crib/bassinette sheets. Babies spit up a TON, and you will find yourself doing a lot of laundry!!! :P I LOVE my diaper genie!!! I do not go through "tons" of bags like Crystal said, I go through about one a month. But every baby is different. :) :) Dont forget to get your little one socks, I didnt think to get my daughter any, and I found myself at the store getting her some within the first week she came home!! :P Also, pacifiers of all different shapes will come in handy too!! My daughter likes the MAM brand, and she REFUSES to use anything else!! That was a big suprise when we got home, since all we had were the NUK brand.... :P I would buy a package of each, and keep them until you know which you baby is going to take to. :) I never did have a changing table for my daughter, I just use a plastic changing mat under her in her crib. Works like a charm!!! :) I would DEFINETLY get a travel system, I found mine to be a LIFESAVER!!! You will not believe how many times you use it within your babys first year!!!! :) :) :) Stock up on size 1 diapers and buy wipes by the case. Size nb diapers will work for the first couple of weeks, but like I said, one day they fit, the next day they wont!!! :P Even if you have to fold the tops over, it will not hurt the baby!!! Also, I dont know if you plan to bottle or breastfeed, but if you are going to breastfeed, then I would reccomend keeping a can of formula handy, just in case. I PLANNED to breastfeed, but after we brought Hope home from the hospital, she wouldnt latch on and went for almost 2 hours without eating. We broke out a bottle of formula, and she drank it right down. Also, dont be afraid to shop at places like "once apon a child". You will soon learn that your little one is going to grow out of clothes sooo fast, you will want to save your money to spend it on the fun stuff like toys!!! I buy my daughters clothes there all of the time, and now I am saving them in case we have another girl!!!! :) :) :) Also, just a thought, When it comes time to buy the big stuff, like a highchair, playpen, walker, ect, keep it nuetral. That way, when it comes to having your second child, you will have all of the BIG items, and wont have to worry about purchasing them all over again!! Just a tip my mom passed down to me, and we are using with our daughter!!! :) :) :) I am getting off of topin here, but I just wanted to share some advice that has been given to me!!! I hope that this helps!! Congrats on your lil bundle of joy!!!! :) :) :) :)

[deleted account]

I'm still using our moses basket at 5months (it is an extra big one that sits on a stand so I have it at the foot of my bed instead of a bassinet/cradle) but something small and mobile that baby can comfortably sleep in like that is great for the first few months. I also used a 'tetra snuggle bed' that I could pop on the couch / take to other peoples houses etc for bub to sleep in. I have a great cot/crib that also converts into a toddler bed but have only just started using it lately for daytime naps.
I got a chest of drawers with a change top which is great as when I no longer need the change top, I will still have a functional piece of furniture. But you def need something at a good height for changing nappies as it will save your back.
I love, love, love my baby carriers and slings (I have quite a collection, you might even say 'addiction') but can recommend 'Ergo Babycarrier' or any kind of baby wrap or ring sling / pouch sling. The Baby Bjorn and 'crotch dangle' style carriers aren't so good for baby's back or hips. Also look at the maximum weight allowed (I have a HEAVY bub and anticipate using my carriers/slings for a long time yet) and whether they are adjustable for other carriers (mum or dad).
Definitely need a car seat, convertible ones (birth-12/18kgs) are best for long term use but capsules are handy for first couple of months (but I find baby outgrows them too quick and you need to get a convertible seat anyway). As someone else said if you get a travel system you can get the capsule, stroller and sometimes rocker all in one.
I have gotten a lot of use out of my pram/stroller already, great for getting back into exercise. I went overboard and got a heavy duty 4wd pram for hikes and down the park (we live in a pretty rural area) and then had to get another little fold up lightweight stroller for trips to town as the first pram was much too big to navigate shops.
Handy items that made my life easier as a new mum (can't live without) are floating bath thermometer, good nappy bag (or any bag with lots of compartments), U shaped pillow (if breastfeeding), sling/baby carrier, baby rocker or swing (so handy for when you need to put them down to do things).
Also look a bit to the future and think about a high chair, food processor (for making baby food), sippy cups etc etc.
Congrats and good luck.

Ashley - posted on 12/20/2009




I would say it al depends on how you plan on getting your child to sleep. We used the bassinet for maybe 2 months before he outgrew it. Crib he still uses and it's still in good shape so for our next we will use it also. A 2 in 1 stroller with carseat works till the child is 1 year old generally. I never used a change table just a dresser with a change pad. Slings I never had one but that I regret lol. hated any sort of diaper genie as one mother mentioned soo many bags! We just reused the grocery diaper bags and had a small garbage can to throw out at the end of the day As for essentials:

A place to sleep



and alot of recieving blankets as they can be used for alot!

Tina - posted on 12/20/2009




1. moses basket (and plenty of sheets/blankets) - getting 2 of these is cheaper if money is tight rather than getting a cradle or a bassinet one for downstairs and one for up. depending on your baby these can be used till about 5 or 6 months then they will be big enough for a cot anyway

2. changing table - total waste of money i bought one for almost £200 and never used it

3. a sling is great if you have a clingy baby or use public transport a lot, as there is often no room for a pushchair, and also handy if you intend to BF as you can do it in the sling un noticed

4. a 3 in 1 pushchair with the car seat is great as it grows with your child i got one for my daughter and she used it from birth to 2 and a half when i just bought her a little stroller

5. a bouncy chair - one that vibrates is great as most babies love it

6. my main cant live with out has to be a diaper genie especially in this cold weather not having to traipse outside to the bins every dirty nappy!

7. depending how you intend to feed a steriliser is a must i personally prefer the microwave kind you just wash the bottles put in x amount of water and switch on easy

8. night light - saves switching on lights for those night time feeds

9. mobile - a bright colourfull one baby will love looking at it and the soothing melody will help him/her get off to sleep

10. a bumbo seat - ok so baby wont use it till about 8 weeks old but it flies by

11. a sausage coushin (for when baby is lying on their stomach to put under the chest with arms over it at about 5 weeks old - this helps their posture and helps prepare them for crawling)

12. monitors - depending if money is an issue the type with the camera are best as you can see as well as hear your baby i couldnt live without mine

hope this helps you a bit hun :)

you could also depending how far forward you are looking get safety gates, food blender,, home safety kit (plug socket covers corner protectors fridge/cupboard locks ect) high chair

Sophie - posted on 12/20/2009




hi there... i had a moses basket for the first few months, because babies look a bit lost in a proper cot, and seem to be more comfortable in something smaller. You could get a crib, or a cradle, but these are more expensive and i think a bit pointless, as your baby wont be in it for long. After about 3 months you will need to look into getting something bigger, cotbeds are good because they turn into toddler beds later on. You will definitley need a carseat! And i found i prefered a stroller that starts off as a pram so you can see your baby and he/she can lay down properly, and lots of them change into something more stroller like when your baby gets a bit bigger.

I personally wouldnt bother with a changing table...i had one myself and found it to be a complete waste of money!! I used it for about a month and then couldnt be bothered anymore. Plus i was always scared that Joshua might roll off. I would personally recommend just getting a changing mat, that way you can just put it on the floor or bed whatever room you are in, and it can be tucked away somewhere when not in use. I wouldnt bother with a baby sling, i spent loads on one and used it about 3 times. The bjorn ones are so bulky and they dig in and hurt your back. One thing i would recommend actually is one of those laying down sling things, like an africany type thing. They are really good for hands-free breast feeding and if you have a colicky baby they sometimes find the position quite soothing.

Muslin squares are a must!! They are used mostly to mop up puke, but come in really handy when out and about, i used to put them over the carseat handle to keep the sun out of joshua's eyes, amongst many other things. If you are planning on breastfeeding then i recommend you get a comfy pillow. Also make sure you have a bottle and a carton of formula, JUST IN CASE!!! I will be hated by mother earth types for saying this probably but i was dead set on breastfeeding and didnt buy any bottles or anything, but i really struggled with it and it really does hurt!! Despite what health visitors/nurses/other mums etc may say, a little bit of formula is not going to harm your baby!

A changing bag comes in very handy, a large one too with a big handle so you can just sling it over your shoulder when in a hurry or have your hands full (which is most of the time!!)

Well that's what i did, or some of it i wish i had done, when i had Josh, who is now 2. I hope it has helped a little bit!! Sophe :) x

oh and ps... ALWAYS take spare changes of clothes out with you for your baby!!

Tracy - posted on 12/20/2009




I could NOT live without RECEIVING BLANKETS!!!!!!!! and alot of em. LOL. I blew through at least 5 a day.

I had a lillte bassinet by our bed that he slept in till he was about 3 months (i know...just couldnt take my eyes of em!) then he was in his crib :(

I NEVER used our change table cause I nursed downstairs on the couch so I would change his bum down there (but it was really handy for all those blankets and face cloths)

My husband went crazy and bought a Peg perego stroller and Bucket(about 700.00 for both) but the BEST one you can get. I highly recommend them so worth the money the stroller folds like an umbrella and is sooo light wieght it takes up no room at all. The bucket got alittle heavy once he got older.

We used a snuggly (not a sling) but he didnt really like that to much

Diaper genie I wouldnt recomend..I found them really stinky?? BUT..... I put mine out in the garage and everytime he had a poop I would just through it out side!!I'm not sure if your planning on nursing but if you are go to a maternity store and get sized for the right nursing bra!! And I found that a nice comfy chair worked better for nursing then a glidder or rocker.

I have soooo much more I could tell ya, but I hope I answered some of your questions. anymore let me know!! Congrats to you and enjoy every minute!! My son is almost 9 months and I already want baby number 2! call me crazy but once they look into your eyes you heart'll melt!!!! Are you having a boy or girl?? we kept it a surprise :)

Leandra - posted on 12/20/2009




honestly the only things that you truly need are clothes diapers wipes.... the basics. but ive found cribs to be helpful and you can always get a crib that turns into a toddler bed and has a built in dresser and changing table last i knew wallmart sells them for 200. depending on how much you do around the house and everything ive found a baby carrier to come in handy.

Elaine - posted on 12/20/2009




Things I cant live without after having my baby are: Diaper Genie, a sling/carrier for when you go out (works wonders when you dont have room in the car for the stroller) (still using at 5 months), Bassinet (we are still using at 5 months), I wouldnt recommend any clothes or such people will get you these any ways. Baby thermometers cause you dont want to use a regular ones for your baby, The typical stuff - if you register for a travel system you dont need to sign up for a baby car seat. I would definately recommend getting a second base esp if you have two cars. Also if you get any double gifts you can possibly leave them at a grandparents house. Thats what we did so we dont have to keep taking things when we go to the grandparents house. Less stuff to travel with the easier it will be for you later. I hope this helps.

Crystal - posted on 12/20/2009




a crib would be used for any where around 2 or more years. and they even have the ones that turn into a toddler bed. Changing table is a most have. Diaper genie no way. its way to much money and you go through tons of bags. I sold mine cuz i got sick of it. so i just bought a little barrel at Tragett or something that works much better. look into buying a Boppy pillow. I think its one of the best thing ever. Great for breastfeeding and just to help your child with tummy time. and it worked wonders for me.

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