What to buy? im a new mom

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Im a new mom...what all do I need to buy for my son when.he gets here? 20 weeks


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I didn't want to have any extra clutter around, so all I had were clothes, a stroller and carseat, some toys, sling, and bassinet. No exersaucer, no bouncer, no bumbo, no swing, no playmat, etc. When he was four months old we bought him a crib and a highchair and a beautiful, wonderful glider which was a godsend and I wish we had had it all along.

Looking back, I think a swing would have helped us, because he was a very fussy baby who needed to be rocked all the time. But not that other stuff. I had to buy a breast pump when he was 5 days old. I just had my friend run out and buy the first one she saw, so that wasn't the best way to do it, but I didn't know I'd need one.

There's a huge difference between 'wants' and 'needs', so if you want to go all out and buy out the store because you're excited and like to have baby stuff all over the house, that's great, but if you don't like the thought of that, don't feel pressured to buy any of it until you need it.


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Oh yeah, and I agree with buying a stroller you like......... my mom bought me an umbrella one but I hate it because it has no room to put stuff in and I ended up getting muscle spasms so we still use the one grandparents got for us. It doesn't turn well, so check into that when you look at strollers...... we run into crap at stores all the time it is so annoying. I really like the amount of room that goes under the stroller, so if you are just going to 1 store for a few things, it usually fits below. Just something to keep in mind while looking at the strollers. Size, turning abillity, and storage if you end up buying a big one. I like my big one, but I can't carry anything so I had to go with it. It does take up the entire back of our Jeep though :/

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We went the minimalistic route because I was overwhelmed with the baby magazines LIST of stuff you needed...... and then after baby was born, we started buying what we knew we needed. I am so happy we did this because my boyfriend and I walk around stores laughing at all the garbage they sell that you just don't need. We have a travel playpen that comes with a changing area and a baby basinette. Each can be removed for when they get a little older. Also, the bottom of the playpen can be elevated until they weigh 25lbs which is awesome, higher up for your back when they are young. It also has a diaper holder on the side of it and some even have storage on them. I love mine, it's still my sons favorite even after we got him a crib. I take it in the kitchen with me while doing dishes, in the livingroom and to friends houses when I need him contained. It's a life saver.

Baby swing for sure. We bought the 50$ Bright Stars from walmart, but because batteries cost 10$ a month, I would have bought the one that plugs in.

Playtex Drops ins bottles if you are going to use formula, that way you can burp out all the air and foam. Foam - the stupid formula bubbles and fizzes like coca cola and it took us a month with a colicy gassy baby, bouncing between 4 different types of formulas to figure out that the 1 we first started with was fine, it just needs to fizz out or be burped out. So these were our life saver too..... haven't had any problems since.

No boppy here, or body pillows. I just went to Ross and bought a bunch of the cheap standard pillows and fluff them up every 3 months. They work great for whatever you need.

Toys they don't play with for quite some time but the ones that jingle and hang from the infant carseat handle are great and they love watching as soon as they notice them.

Don't stock up too much on clothes - our son skipped whole sizes and never got to wear any of his full footed onsie outfits because he was too tall! I'd shop as you go along, for exactly what you need clothes wise.

I underestimated how many burp cloths are needed - we ended up buying a good 10-20 more after we already had a huge stack lol

Diapers, yeah you need them but the need to stock up on them I don't see because as your child grows, who knows what size they will be in and at what age. The umbilical cord cutouts are awesome until it falls off though.... pretty cool. I'd buy a pack of those.

There's so much you really won't need. Seriously. Don't beat yourself up over it. Blankets sure, pacifiers, if you feel like it. Bottles if you need them. And whatever furniture you want, but I would wait until you have baby that way you know what you want :)

Ask everyone for cash and gift cards to babies r us haha

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nursing pillow, bouncer, swing, highchair, playmat, diapers, diaper rash cream, lotion, bath wash, bathtub, clothes, camra, bottles, toys, hats, bootys, mittons, diaper bag (if u go to nestle-baby.ca and sign up they will mail u a free diaper bag full of stuff), crib, bassinett, pads for u when u get home (lots of people forget about that), also heres a website with a list of things you need good luck! :) http://www.todaysparent.com/pregnancybir...|15308|baby%20items%20list||S|b|7070826962&gclid=CKqs2Zj606kCFQvKKgodW2UWMA

[deleted account]

My baby sling was my favorite. I could hang him on me and then I had a chance to get up and move some. When he got a little older...my favorite thing switched to a baby CARRIER. I really think that being able to 'hang' the baby on me really gave me some freedom I wouldn't have had.

If you are breastfeeding, a maternity bra is a MUST. They have the really cool "doors" that flap down so you don't have to hike your boob above the bra.

A good camera. My camera was old... The battery door was held together with ducttape. I should have replaced that camera BEFORE the baby was born. I missed about three weeks of his infancy because my camera DIED...and I couldn't replace it immediately.

I wasted money on crap that we DIDN"T need. He never wore most of the clothes we got for him. He was born in the summer and suffered BAD heat rash. He went naked most all the time. All those expensive New Balance tennis shoes...the Tommy Hilfiger overalls...most were wasted because he outgrew them REALLY fast. I mean...in a matter of WEEKS.

I went fool with the newborn diapers...I got a pack each week with the groceries...(while I was pregnant). My husband was NOT very happy having to take back ELEVEN unopened packs of newborn diapers and exchange them for size 1's....and then again later...four packs of size 2's. They move up in diaper sizes really fast..don't overstock.

I would find a new bottle style to try...and buy too many. It sucks to have thirty bottles in the cabinet, but the baby only accepts three of them.

In hindsight...I should have waited to make a LOT of my purchases. I could have saved some BIG money.

I wasted money on a changing table. Once he was here...I felt safer putting him closer to the floor..than up on that table. There had been an accident with one of the twins years before, falling from a changing table. It was a bother to strap him down each time...and I found it easier to just snatch a blanket into the floor and change him there.

My MIL got me a beautiful huge cadillac stroller with the basket underneath..the canopy on top...the cup holders in the handles...it was AWESOME! Problem is...it's huge. I drive a Toyota Rav4...and the stroller is the same size as the back seat. Exactly. We took that stroller with us ONCE...and then leaving the mall we realized, we have nowhere to put our STUFF now.
The silly little $12.00 Umbrella stroller that Walmart sells...fits in the back of my truck, leaves room for groceries, and the kid's butt still fits it. I can lift it with one hand too. The big one had to involve Dad...I couldn't lift it high enough to even get it IN my truck.

And...my crib broke when my son was maybe 1 year...the silly plastic slides that let the side up and down broke. From what I understand..they are all junk.
We didn't throw our crib away. My husband came in with a pack of hinges and latches from walmart and mounted the crib pieces to the doors here in our house. I have nice crib side baby gates on either end of my kitchen, one at the laundry room door and at the baby's bedroom door.

I hope something I've said here helps..I think I am rambling.

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Diapers, diapers, diapers!!! Bottles, unless you're BFing, clothes of course, a swing, a crib, an exersaucer, a bumbo, a diaper bag with a changing mat, the mom hook, stroller and carseat, toiletries, a tub, lots of burp cloths, a playmat, a boppy pillow (for you to sit on when you come home from the hospital ;). Hmmmm, what else?

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