What to buy the two year old girl who has everything?

Kate - posted on 04/30/2013 ( 12 moms have responded )




My niece is turning two! She's my only niece and my Godbaby so I want to make it special. Our budget is maybe 40-60 dollars.

Here were some of my ideas, tell me what you think would work best:

1. Doll stroller with a new doll
2. Build a bear trip
3. Set of play animals
4. Easel
5. Dress ups.



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Keeshia - posted on 05/04/2013




Build a bear, it's and awesome experience and the employees are usually really good with kids. My son got his first at about 9 months he still sleeps and plays with her at 6. He enjoyed it even at that young.

Enna - posted on 05/03/2013




OK, She's too young for the stroller, she'll just end up running it into everything and get frustrated with it. A doll with a carrier would be ok. Build-a-bear would be so much fun, My kids have always loved it, even when they were little. I think the play animals are kind of boring, she may like it though, depends on the kid. Easel is fun if the parents have room, and are willing to deal with the mess from it. I think she's still to young for dress up clothes. Can she dress herself? Some of the clothes are meant for a little older kids. I'd wait until next year on that one.

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My son just turned 2 and was given a 3 in 1 easel. {chalk board, white board and a built on paper roll dispenser}. He also was given chalk, paints, paint brushes and a smock. He loves it! It was a really great present that I know he will enjoy for many years.

Becky - posted on 05/01/2013




I would do the doll and stroller. I think 2 is a little young for her to be able to appreciate the build a bear, but I would definitely keep that in mind for next year.

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Build A Bear trip! Hands down this is the best option.
Not only is she creating a completely unique animal that no one else has, but you are giving her the great memories of the two of you doing something special together. I know she's only 2, and she won't remember this day when she's 25, but it will build the foundation for a great bond, and you will be surprised how long she does remember the day. Even after she forgets the details of the day, she will still have the animal, and she will know when she sees it that it was a special birthday. The stuffed animal will be special to her for years to come, whereas the other toys will only be great until she's played through them. I don't think she's too young--I took J to build a bear for the first time when he was only 2 years old, and he is 8 now, and he still cherishes his monkey that we built together.

Janelle - posted on 04/30/2013




Build a bear trip, I bring my two four year olds and my 12 year old their and they love it.

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