What to do About a bad attitude with my teen daughter

Sarah - posted on 12/08/2014 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi everybody, my 14 year old daughter has had such a bad attitude towards me.
She talks back and is just so rude. I have tried many punishment taking her phone, grounding her i even tried spanking her that helped a bit. I don't know what to do anymore
Please help.


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Amanda - posted on 12/18/2014




I agree with Wanda spanking a teen is not right, they are other ways to punish a teen.

Wanda - posted on 12/11/2014




I can't even believe what I just read! Spanking at 14??? That's messed up! That is hitting! Why should she respect u when u have not taught her one ounce of respect. And wait for the day when you get hit right back..then u will act surprised.thats what u taught her!

Sarah - posted on 12/11/2014




We too had a mouthy one at around 15! He had no phone or computer to take away, and we only had one TV. However, when he came home and found his bedroom completely bare except for a pillow, a blanket , a flashlight and one change of clothes! He was rudely awakened. Up until them he had only been disobedient in mild ways and usually responded to one warning. At 15 he decided to try "You can't make me do that", because he was taller and bigger than me.
Was it a huge pain in the butt to strip down his room? Absolutely! Would I do it again? You bet! He has never back talked me since, nor have the three younger siblings who were witness to his humiliation.
I am not pro-spanking, what I did worked just fine, and I only had to do it once. Whereas it may take multiple beatings to achieve the same results.

Jodi - posted on 12/08/2014




I disagree with the spanking - spanking a teen isn't appropriate (spanking is not necessary anyway, but in many places, spanking a teen is actually illegal and considered assault).

I agree with Katie on getting her to be more responsible for taking care of herself if she can't respect you. I recall when my son started getting the mouth on him, and I laid it down to him - if you want to be cooking your own dinner, making your own lunches doing ALL your own washing, getting yourself to and from your sporting and extra-curricular commitments, getting your phone charged with credit, even getting that treat after dinner that I buy, then you just keep that up, young man!! Because I don't do ANYTHING for people who disrespect me in that way. It worked. The thought horrified him. He is now 17, and occasionally pushes back, but not often. He knows that I will still follow through with those consequences.

[deleted account]

Spanking can help more than some want to admit. If something works keep it up. Also, if she has a phone, then she should be doing some chores or something along those lines.

If she isn't already doing her own laundry, get her started on that. If she let's that go, the phone goes too, and if she keeps it up, that would be something you might spank over.

Watch how quick her attitude changes when she's the one who is in charge of keeping her underwear clean. It's a humbling experience and a good way to keep kids with bad attitudes in their place.

If you think I'm coming off harsh, you're right, I am being harsh. But that's my advice, keep us updated.

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