What to do about a biting toddler....?


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Crystal - posted on 11/06/2013




If your toddler is biting all you can really do is correct the behavior when it happens. If you catch the child bitting, firmly tell them NO... bend down to their level so you are eye to eye with them and firmly tell them "NO, that's not nice, and that hurts." Show concern, do not yell at the child. Explain that you understand they are mad or want something, but that they must use words and not bite. Example:

Your toddler bites when he wants a toy.
You: No "Timmy". No biting, that is not nice and that hurts Heather.
Timmy: May cry or scream!
You: NO biting Timmy, I know you want the toy, but lets ask Heather nicely for the toy.

Walk your child through this process and remain calm, and stick to what you are telling him. He may have to get another toy if Heather doesn't want to share, but continue to remain calm and patient and reassure your child that it is OK. Remember to remain CALM, that is key. Children look for a reaction anger is one that causes a lot of emotions and children don't sort out good and bad emotions at this age, they just want the biggest reaction out of you!!!

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