what to do about a twenty year old wanting more freedom


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Only1Chance - posted on 12/24/2013




Well I agree with Jodi on the part where if she doesn't agree with you then she can move out. Id say its your house & she can not be doing things you don't agree with for example like staying out all night partying, which I myself dont agree with even as a 25yr old mother. When my time comes and my children are that age I will be firm on my beliefs 1st because God has entrusted us with our children and one day WE WILL have to give an account for how we raised them. So I say that there still needs to be rules of respect for your house & parents NO MATTER HOW OLD your children maybe.. my 2 uncles were much older when they had to move back to my grandparents house and they never would even curse in that house & we visited a lot so I would know. Im talking 45-50 yr old men. There needs to be moral standards at our houses. I hope this helps. May God Bless you and your family.

Jodi - posted on 12/24/2013




Well, she's 20. She's an adult. She has every right to want more freedom. If she is still living at home, she still should be treated as an adult with her own freedom. What is she asking for that is so unreasonable to you? You have to let your kids live their own lives. if you don't like what she wants, you can suggest she move out.

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