what to do about annoying in law

Erika - posted on 08/14/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so my husband and I are living in a not so small apartment and my sister in law is renting a room from us, thats not the issue, the issue is that she gets on my nerves cause she is kinda on the overweight side and she is always saing omg Im on my diet and I could feel myself losing weight and just yesterday she ate no lie 3 hotdogs stuffes with onion tomatoe, ketchup, peppers etc. Not even 2 hours later my husband and I brought home some food from a restaurant and it annoys me she starts picking at the food without even bothering to ask if she could have some i mean i dont care but can you at least ask. Then at night you know how if you eat late it makes you gain more weight well she makes ribs with rice, and I dont know what other greasy food. N plus she so obnoxious talking about other people sayinghow they are so over dramatic and she is seriously the MOST dramatic person Ive ever known. Theres a whole list of things I could say about her but it is just to much. What kind advice can you give me to get over this annoying inlaw.... Its driving me up the wall with even thoughts of leaving...And I know I shouldnt take it that far but seriously I just feel grrrrrrr.....HELP


Kyleigh - posted on 08/14/2011




Can you sit down and have a talk with her about what has been bothering you for all this time you have been feeling this way? Maybe you can help her exercise more and feel better about herself, probably cook meals together since your living together.

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