What to do about, bedrest, twins and now they told me I have GD? HELP!!!

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Baby A broke her water on Dec 27th and I have been a bedrest since. My fasting blood sugar is around 109 and 2 hours after I eat it is about 96...not bad... but they dx me with GD. Diet is keeping all in check and babies and Mom are doing great, hoping to get to 28 weeks then to 30..so on to 34 then give birth. The doc comes in today and wants me to start taking oral meds...WHAT???? Are you kidding me???? I need to fatten these baby girls up!!!! The diet is keeping me under control and then when I started asking questions and refused the meds the doc told me to Google it....yes you read that right GOOGLE IT! Please help!!!!!


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Gestational Diabetes is not a benign condition. The fact that your fasting glucose is 109 means that you have high sugar circulating in your blood all the time. Yes, this does make for bigger babies, but it also sets them up for low blood sugar and other complecations after they are born. High blood sugar also causes the placenta to deteriorate which puts the babies at risk for even more premature birth/complications. High blood glucose levels, even mild elevations also put you at risk. Glucose harmful to small blood vessels and can increase the risk of future heart and kidney disease. If the medication is metformin (glucophage), I would go ahead and take it. Some women with GD end up having increasing glucose levels and need insulin. I know this is a scary time, but your doctor is doing right by you.

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