What to do about my sons eating habits?

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My 11 yr son eating habits suck. He will leave food in his mouth until he throws up. This started out with just potatoes and now with pretty much anything. Tonight we had chicken breast, spinach, and baked beans. He throw away chicken when I went outside and then said he baked beans were going to make him throw up. He does this all most all the time. He will eat cereal(nothing else in the morning), lunch is a sandwich(ham,cheese) but says the crust makes him puke, and dinner is a no win. Any suggestions???


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Eating disorders tend to show up at about this age .... get him into see a professional .... He is not doing this to be challenging ....

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Since you said its a control issue, I would say This is dinner you get nothing else after you leave the table unless you eat at least half and it stays in. Stay firm sounds like he is trying to do what he can to manipulate the situation and whats working is food.

It may sound mean I understand that, I just feel that eating what you want isnt a good thing for any child.

Another thought maybe he is going through something and he is hurting so making himself starve is something he has control over.

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Geez, have you talked to his doctor about this? He may have sensory issues.


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Thank you all. since we have started this new thing with him, he has not thrown up once. he does take forever to eat but it is his lose if he misses out on something. the professional want to wait and see if what we are doing is making him gain weight or not. They have told him NO sports until he gains 4 lbs. it is not a lot but he has not gained or lost any weight since dec 2010. So we will see.

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SO the plan that we are using was kind of working. Breakfast he can eat anything breakfast wise but can only have the same meal three days. Lunch is the same. Dinner he has to eat the same serving that his 8 yr old sister eat plus he has to go in the fridge and get two healthy items to add to his plate. He can not get seconds until it is all finished. This was working. We went out to breakfast at McD's on sunday and told him to pick what he wants. He ordered a sausage mcmuffin. he removed the sausage and was told he had to eat the mcmuffin. We drove to vegas from pahrump(about an hr drive). He did not eat but 4 bites. We went to the park and he had to sit on a bench till it was gone. He did not eat it. He balled it up and was upset because we would not let him play. Then we did what we needed and went to lunch and would not let him eat. Why pay for a meal that he is not going to eat? He had to wait till we got home to eat. He was mad but what should I do? He could have choose anything. So frustrated. Had to rant sorry. Any advice would be great. Yes he is involved in planning the food.

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Have you ever tried to have him help you make the food? I know that sometimes works with my son when he doesn't want to eat. But, I have never had an issue like this. So sorry, I hope someone else that has this same issue suggest something that can work.

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Yes we have talked to his doctors, he does not have sensory issuses. they feel that it is a control issue. Melissa- yes he ate the spinach but it was only a spoonful. It has been off and on all his life. He is a picky eater but now that he is 11 he needs to eat more than roman noodles. They have given us a way to help him feel in control with his eating. Today is the first day of the new eating ways. I am hoping it helps but I too am worried.

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