What to do for a really gassy baby?

Tina - posted on 05/21/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 3 week old son who is very gassy. I talked to my doctor about it and they switched him to similac soy pink can..I thought he was doing good on it but then he started getting really fussy and especially gassy. He can't even really sleep because he's so gassy. Ive tried colic calm which helped for one day and I do the gas drops and hes still gassy. I use the MAM bottles. I dont know what else i can do for him. Ive tried the nutramogen which my doctor said was similacs alimentum but all he did was spit it up. Should I try the similac sensitive? Should I try switching bottles? Any suggestions?


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Brianna - posted on 05/21/2012




when my daughter was a new born she was really gassy and fussy. i first had to stop breastfeeding seem like anything i ate set her off and then i had to find the right formula. i tried the enfrail (dunno if i spelled taht right) i tried the regualar kind and then tried the kind that says for gassy babies but neither of them worked only made it worse. i then tried good start and it worked great! also when she was gassy i would try gripe water or i would straighten her lefts then bend her knees to her belly in a clockwise motion. good luck

Amanda - posted on 05/21/2012




I did baby massage when my 2 were tiny.

I used to massage their stomaches and move their legs like they were riding a bike. It used to work alot of the time.
With my son, I would hold him against my shoulder with his legs tucked up so he was in a little ball and bounce him gently. He also liked to lay belly down on my arm with his head in my hand.

As he got bigger, I could lay him across my knee and gently rock him back and forth.

I think it was the gentle pressure on their stomaches that would help release the gas.

Even now when my daughter has a tummy ache she will ask me to rub her belly

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