What to do for an emotional abused child?

Kelly - posted on 09/28/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




How do I handle my SD's fragile emotional state. Her BM only wants the little girl for the SSI and trys to manipulate her into only wanting her and is very harsh with her. Making jokes like you used to be cute what happened, and telling her if she's bad she will give her away. The little girl is 4 and having a very hard time lately with her mother only giving her affection and wanting her if she rejects her Father and myself. We have tried everything to prove the emotional abuse but the state of florida will simply not grant a father full custody, and we don't ever seem to have enough to stand on. I don't know what to do for the little girl to help her figure out her own emotions and feelings, as opposed to being in a state of inner turmoil because what she wants isn't what mommy tells her to be. We know its only a matter of time before my SD starts to argue her, she is very outspoken, but we also know at 4 years old all she wants is for her mother to love her and want her. How can we help her ?

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