What to do if a child doesn't share and the mother doesn't care?

Rose - posted on 09/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




A few months ago my family was over my parents house for a Sunday dinner which isn't very common. My 2 year old son was trying to play with a ride on car his cousin had been playing with for a few minutes already and since I'm a protective, fair, hands on parent, I went over to address the "lack of sharing" situation. Everyone was sitting down at the dinner table just about done and my son went to take the ride on toy from his cousin, (this was literally on the floor against his mothers leg) I said to my nephew, "can Christopher play with the car now?" he said, "no" I said, "ok Chris when he's done playing with it" mind you, my sil (his mother) was intentionally ignoring this and was on fb on her iPhone at the table. A few minutes later I went back and again said to my nephew, "can Christopher play with the car now?" he said, "no" I said, "well I think we should share" btw, this is not his toy, it's something my parents bought for all of the kids. Again my sil ignored the situation while I'm down there on my knees trying to reason with her 2 year old son that feels entitled and can't share a toy. My brother sitting next to her stepped in and said, "let's share now" and gave it to my son. Had he not done this it would have been unfair to my son and my son shares with other kids. The thing is, my sil is a horrible person, we don't like each other yet we are still cordial. She intentionally ignored this because it's MY son, she would have definitely paid attention had this been her son who wanted the toy...(shes the person who needs to be the center of attention and can do no wrong yet the one time you do something she will completely call you out on it and makes sure the rest of the room hears) ...her on fb and me (6 months pregnant) sitting on the floor trying to reason with her bratty child. Since i painted the picture, My question is, what do I do next time this happens with her or personalities similar to hers? My child is a good kid and I don't want anyone to take advantage of his kindness with regards to sharing or anything else. Thank you


Lacye - posted on 09/27/2012




With people like that, they never learn. Just distract your son with a different toy. She's not going to listen to you because of the bad blood. You could try to talk to your brother but I don't see much good in that because if he takes either side, he's going to have to hurt somebody's feelings, yours or his wife's. And let's face it, she goes home with him.

Sometimes you just have to overlook those types of people. Stand your ground no doubt, but overlook them all the same.

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