What to do in this unstable relationship?

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We dated shortly(3 MOMTHS) before we found out that we're having a baby. Right after that we decided to split up and we didn't speak for 3 months. Later, after my first trimester ended, He called and we started talking again for our baby's sake. During this time and rest of pregnancy we kept knowing each other, going out for a few dates. But He never stop his single life, He was out there meeting girls, going out and party like not other. Our son born, He was present through everything. We decided to keep everything in peace for the baby. He visited, not every day, but He was there. He still doing his thing. We got in couple fights because I wanted him to be closer to us.

All of sudden 5 months after our son's birth. He lost his job. And little by little things starting to happen, we got back together, everything was great. I was working while he stayed at home with the baby. Then I moved with him. One thing didn't change, he kept me in secret. Most of his friends think I'm bad one, the one dramatic baby's mama, who always wanted to be him. We had great times as family, fights a lot. Because he kept saying this, our relationship wasn't meant to be. every 3 months he would say we need a break! on and off! then later He will change his mind. I've been through a lot with this guy, emotionally! He's a great father, very lovable. And now I'm to point, I don't know what to do to, stay or keep trying or move on. He never had said to me I love you. He said instead I care for you a lot.

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