what to do w/my unruly 16yr. old boy?

Christy - posted on 07/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm at the end of my rope w/my son. I dont know if its where I was a single-mom the most part of his life,or what's going on. When he was younger I had to work mostly in the evening,so therefore my dad helped watch him,but he spoiled him so bad that he thinks he should have ANYTHING he wants. His dad wasn't around much,then when my son was 11 his dad past away. I took him to see a psycologists or therapists,but he wanted nothing to do w/ it. As of 2yrs. ago I met someone thru my son & his friend, which he & I both are crazy about. My son loves spending time w/my boyfriend which is great. Now we all live together,but my son doesn't think he should do any chores,etc. I have taken away his X-Box,weekend privliges,etc. His mouth is horrible to me & my family,and his school work is terrible. He has already failed 2nd grade, and is not doing good this past yr. I've tried talking to him & asking what his thoughts were. I'm tempted to send him to a all boys military school or something to straighten up his attitude. thanks


Tamara - posted on 07/08/2011




Set firm rules, write them down and have them on the fridge so there are no question on what they are and he can't use the 'i forgot'. Its the only thing that helped straighten out my son.

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