What to do when another mum is saying it's my child fault

S. - posted on 03/29/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




when ever this ladies child miss behaves at nursey she tries to connect it to my daughter, now my 4 year old is far from perfect but I have never had a bad word off the teachers and I think she is really good at nursery. I have seen the teachers pull up parents and report bad behaviour but this has never happened to me and I do ask my daughter if she gets in trouble and apart from being told to take turns ect there's nothing really bad, now the thing is when this mum got pulled up by the teacher for her Childs behaviour the mum made out to me it's because my daughter sits on her table! I pointed out mine tend to be good as she would hate to be in trouble by the teachers then The dad said to me today that their daughter leaves her milk because mine has a few sips of her milk and then runs off to play! I pointed out that there made to sit with the milk and fruit and are not aloud to run off to play then they laughted and said it's all your child fault.

It's not a real problem now but I do feel if it carries on it will need to stop as the kids are going to be in the same class till there 11 plus I don't think it's called for, I am "new" friend with this lady and there really nice also I'm not one for confrontation and I most certainly don't do arguing over kids. What would you ladies do?


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I'd tell the other parents that since my child is such a bad influence they should probably ask that there daughter be moved to another table. I would also mention to the teacher that these parents are making you uncomfortable by approaching you and saying these things to you.

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I would probably talk to the teachers and just for clarification on her behaviour what she is like in class. And maybe try make other arrangments with the teacher if the parents conitinue to blame your daughter. It could be a case of the child is lying to the parents as well or they're just a little embarrased. If you don 't like confrontation just try talk to the teacher instead of them.


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Katharyn - posted on 03/29/2012




I don't know what you should do but in my head you have the cutest Scottish accent- like that chick that got voted off of Americas next top model last night :). Are you her?

Tabitha - posted on 03/29/2012




I would say, "If it helps you sleep at night blaming my child for your child's bad behavior instead of taking responsibility of your own lack of parenting, then by all means, have at it." I wouldn't worry about whether they're in the same class for a while, the teachers and staff obviously don't have problems out of your child or you would be getting bad reports too.

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