What to do when you have anxiety and depression and NO friends/family

Marilyn - posted on 12/07/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I come from a family that doesn't check up on me, my mom is a narcissist and never reaches out to me unless my dad is in town and they want to see their grandson. I have no mom friends and I am terrified to leave my 2 year old with a babysitter bc he can't speak yet. I have been so sad and lonely as my husband is working full time and then going to school full time 4 nights a week. I recently found a therapist, because I am anti-medication...even though I know it could help...I'm lost, I am alone and I feel like my son knows when I am upset, then he becomes needy when I am, and I get frustrated and retreat. like put him in a crib with a tv show on and sit alone in my room and cry or worry or wonder why this is happening to me. What do I do?


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