What to do when your child raises his hand to you?

Anjeli - posted on 08/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 8 year old son has recently starting acting out toward me and his grandparents. He thinks it is okay to raise his hand to me and he has even squeezed my arm many times. He does this when he is angry because he does not get what he wants. He is even hitting his three year old sister. My husband has told him several times that we do not raise a hand to any girl, but it does seem to be sicking in. He knows better to do it in front of him, which tells me he knows the difference. He also is autistic, but is very high functioning. I have tried time out, taking away his favorite toys, and not talking to him. I am embarrassed to admit that I have lost my temper with him, which I know does work,but I do not know what to do. Any suggestions?


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the fact that you're asking for help now shows tremendous courage. you need to 'nip this in the bud' so to speak, and NOW. Make it clear verbally that this behaviour is NOT on, and enforce strict exclusion when he does it. That is, have an empty room or remove all of his toys etc from his room and make him stay there for a period of time you deem to be appropriate. Clearly if he sees your husband as a disciplinary figure, tell him that you will be letting his father know what he's done also. (not so that he gives an extra punishment, but to then also show disappointment ie "i heard how you treated your mother today, that is UNACCEPTABLE, and you know better. I'm VERY disappointed with you. and then dad pays little attention to him for a period of time. perhaps he can even tell your son to apologize to you in front of him). see how you go

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