what to do with a constipated 3 month old??

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my daughter is 3 months old i have been threw all the enfimil formulas with her .the premium and gentle lease hurts her stomach and soy and ar makes her constipated her doc said to keep her on ar and plus add a little bit of prun juice to one of her bottles a day...but shes still constipated and i dont really want to have her dependent on prun juice to go to the bathroom just dont know what else to do to????please help??


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Sabina - posted on 09/15/2012




try the low iron formula worked for my daughter. Also you can massages her belly to help her out or lay her on her back and do the bike moves with her legs not to hard though

Breanna - posted on 09/14/2012




I know it may sound gross but try and stick the thermomater up her butt, thats what my sons doctor told me to try first. If that dont work than his doctor said to give him a lil prune juice but not much u can put a lil in her bottle. My son was like that for a few weeks than was fine and was able to poop on his own. Good luck.

Francine - posted on 09/14/2012




Personally I had my 2 boys on Carnation Good Start from 0-12 months and it was the only formula that they could digest because it is the only formula on the market that has the protein in it broken down which makes it easier on babies little tummies.

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