What to expect after adenoid removal?

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My granddaughter is having her adenoids out on thursday, and I want as much info as I can get as what to expect for afterwards. Pain, recovery, realistically because you know docs and nurses always downplay that stuff. She is almost 4 so anyone with kids close to this age having input would be great.


Kaitlin - posted on 06/13/2012




I had mine removed around 10. The pain was NOT as bad as expected, my mother said I didn't snore almost the same day. my allegies were reduced. I ate lots of ice cream for two days as my throat was sore, and I was tired and watched a lot of my fav movies. But after a weekend, she'll be running around again :D


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Well all went well, she was almost back to herself this evening already. Mom on the other hand is a wreck.

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