what type of food i should introduce to my baby

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my baby is 6month old.from day one he is taking formula.sometimes he takes cereal happily but some time not.pls tell me wht should i give him now.help me plss


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Tamica - posted on 05/17/2013




Good day to you all, I am a first time mom, so i am new at this stuff.
I delivered a baby boy last December and I exclusively breastfeed for 3 months, now I am back at work and my son has to go to a baby sitter. He is now 5months old, every morning i would have to prepare meals for him to eat at his sitter during the day, what I would like to know is:
1. What are some of the meals i can prepare for my son to eat?
2. How much a day should he consume?

Joy - posted on 02/04/2010




Try mashed potatoe with a little milk, then gradually offer soft boiled veg e.g brocli and carrots. good luck babes. xxx

Rebecca - posted on 02/04/2010




Veggies are after cereal. Wait 3-4 days between each food to insure there are no allergies. Once all veggies have been given you can give 2 kinds at one meal and mix it up a bit so he's not bored:) Then you can move him to the 6+ food which is meats and veggies together in one jar and again, one kind every 3-4 days to make sure he isn't allergic to a meat. Fruit should be the very last thing beucase if you give it first or too early, your child could become accustomed to the sweetness and reject veggies and meats that you wish to introduce. My son was almost 1 before he would even go near a fruit and now he is 2.5yrs and loves fruits and veggies. My daughter is almost 7 months old and she has yest o be introduced to any fruit but loves all veggies and does great with the meat veggie stage food. They used to say it was 7-8 months for meat introduction but you should consult with your own Dr on this as in some places it has changed. When my son was 6 months there was a few options of food with meat and now for my daughter all 6+ food has meat in it, if it is a meal jar of course.
Take your time and don't rush too many at once. See what he likes and doesn't like. Both of my kids were a huge fan of sweet potatoes and carrots for first foods, but would eat everything really. Try these 2 first as i find they are more thin foods. As you introduce the 6+ food, it is a bit thicker and harder to swallow, i have to add just a bit of formula for my daughter becuase she will gag as it's so thick, my son was the same way. They are both texture eaters all the way!LOL
Good luck!

Tanya - posted on 02/04/2010




Well they "the nutitionsts" like you to start with veggies one a week so you know they are not allergic and if they are you know what they had a reaction too. Then you can start introducing fruits, no meats till nine months.. These are they guide lines the nutitionists like you to follow. I do start with veggies and then move on to fruits but my kids pedatrtion also gave me the ok to give them some mashed potatoes and a few soft things from the table when we are eating because they want them as they grow up so I see nothing wrong with a few table foods as yoru baby starts to get eating down. Good Luck

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