What would you do if you saw a parent abusing their child in public?

Char - posted on 12/12/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Recently I was in the pharmacy and a little girl about three was quietly trying to get her mothers attention because she needed the toilet. Her mother was busy looking at makeup and turned around and said, "shut your ugly mouth you selfish little b****!" then she wet herself probably in fright and her mother back handed her hard enough that she fell over backwards. Now whether you agree or not it is a criminal offense to hit your child here in NZ, yet no one did anything they just stared open mouthed. I had to say something though and told the woman politely in no uncertain terms that treating your child like that even if you are having a bad day is never ok. I also smiled at the little girl and said something reassuring. But I still think about her and wonder if she was ok after she went home. Of course the mother was embarrassed and so she should be and she quickly left with her child, hopefully to clean her up and change her pants. If she did not have the demeanor and scowl of a nasty old bat I probably would have quietly pulled her aside and asked if she was ok and could I help in any way. It is possible despite my good intention that that would have been badly received. What would you do in that situation or others like it or even



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Ashley - posted on 12/16/2012




i would also say something. i would have been polite about it since the little girl would be listening. and i would have said something reassuring to the little girl too. i probly would have even called the police, and followed her outside to get her license plate number. you can still call the police, or children services. im sure the pharmacy has video camera's, so they could watch them and try to find this woman and charge her with child abuse, and place the child in a safe home.

Anna - posted on 12/12/2012




i would kindly or maybe not so kindly say to her that that was not appropriate, and she needs to pay attention to her childs needs not her own they cant take care of themselves they need us she was being selfish , it makes me so angry i cant even use punctuations. i have 3 kids and i hate seeing other kids cry and being miss treated by there parents. if your at a store and your kid misbehaves thats normal to repremend them , but clearly this mom dislikes her kid how can a 3 year old be a selfish bleep ... unfortuanlty there is definatlt a prob but telling her off wont change anything . but in the end i would say something to the mom i would never hold back i dont care what she would have said some women should not reproduce and should have those poor kids taken away from them , children r a gift from God and they need us to take care of them and to protect them

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