What would you do if your child received the wrong vaccination?

Elizabeth - posted on 11/12/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




My child just recently had his 9 month check up with his doctor. At this appointment they told me he needed one vaccination and the nurse would be in to give me the paperwork and administer the shot. They told me it was a booster so I wasn't too concerned because I knew it was something he had already had. My child had a fever at the time of the visit and when I read the paperwork after I got home I noticed it said this shot should not be administered while a child is sick, and also that this shot was not supposed to be given at nine months. I called my doctor and they informed me that they had given him the wrong shot. He was supposed to get Hep B vaccination and got Hib instead. My child got very sick after the shot. His fever got worse and he developed diarrhea and was EXTREMELY cranky, more than he usually is for a shot. The doctor told me it's probably not from the shot since he was sick already, even though sick children shouldn't get this shot, and that this isn't a big deal and not to worry about it. Now he has to go back in a few months for another Hep B shot. I always assumed they were careful about what they were injecting into babies and that there was some kind of protocol to avoid stupid mistakes like this one but clearly I was wrong. What would you guys do in this situation?


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i worked at a medical office where I was the one administering medications to patients. It is not okay, no matter how serious or not. You need to bring it to the attention of the Pediatrician and even if they say it didnt harm your child, what if it was a different medication that could hurt your child? What if it was something that was supposed to be given to an older child...they take different doses of the same medications? The people working in the office need to do their job right....they are depended on to be trusted and cannot make mistakes like that. Mistakes like that could potentially lead to something very bad. It is being complacent, thinking that they know what they're doing, that they dont make mistakes, that they dont need to double check, that can cause real harm to a patient. If you dont complain, they will never think anything of it. The doctor will put them in their place, even if it isnt in front of you...you will be heard.

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Ok everyone...calm down. Mistakes happen! I am truly sorry your child had such a reaction to the wrong vax,,that sucks so bad! I would deffinately be upset to! But it is your responsiblity to know what your child should be getting when they hand you the paperwork...you should have looked. Once again, mistakes are human regardless of degree or lack of one. If it would make you feel better to find another pediatrician then do...but do it becouse you haven't like this office for sometime now instead of just one mistake. I love my pediatrician, and he gave that same vax to my child 4 days ago....she was suppose to get it...but she was getting sick...congested and a cough. That night she ran a fever of 102...I called emergency after hours, and was given great advice! Good luck, and I am sorry! I was really pissed...even though she was given the correct vax....when she was suppose to get it...and got even sicker. I will be returning to this Dr. becouse he is truly amazing! He made a mistake!

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i would definitely make a formal complaint for the good of other children and parents.. no need to be nasty about it but it needs to be brought to attention.. i would also think about finding another office.. everyone makes mistakes but sometimes medical ones can be fatal, just saying,


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Lucie - posted on 05/21/2013




Hi there,

my daughter is 3 months old and we went to the GP to have the second immunization.
The nurse gave her the MMR instead the DTap/IPV/Hib.
Immediately she went off to talk to the GP and called a Pediatrician to ask what to do.
They said not to worry it won`t cause any harm to my daughter.
Has someone got the same experience?
I`m still bit worried and not happy about it at all.

Kathy - posted on 01/24/2011




As long as he has gotten better, I wouldn't worry about it. We screwed up along with our doctor with our daughter's 1yr vaccinations. She got them a week before her first birthday. When she got to school-they didn't count. So she had to get them again. Sucked for her! She was not happy at all! Mistakes happen. Humans are can not be expected to be perfect. Yes it sucked they screwed up but you also missed it when they gave you the paperwork to review before the shot was given. Chalk it up to one of the many mistakes that happen during parenthood. Maybe buy toy to ease your guilt. LOL Ok that is probably bad but hey, sometimes $5 does make a Mom feel good!

Maria - posted on 11/13/2010




I would deffinately change doctors and make sure I had some face to face time(when you've had a chance to calm down) to let them know exactly what happened, your concerns, and that you won't be coming back. Let them take it from there. I always ask what vaccinations my daughter is getting in advance, when we get there and when the nurse comes in to give it. Her office gives you the paperwork before the nurse comes in after the doctor leaves. They refuse to give them even if they have just a low grade fever. I got a chart from her office about what she gets and when she gets it. I watch the nurse when she comes in and make sure she checks the vial before I sing the consent form. And ALWAYS read the paper work and ask questions BEFORE the shots are given. I always ask questions to her doctor and the nurses.

Angie - posted on 11/13/2010




I'd find a different doctor because I'd be angry - and rightly so.

There is a protocol:

1.Parents a given a consent form which says exactly what vaccine is being given, the parent should read the form and ask questions they might have.

2. The nurse reads the order

3. He/she reads the vaccine bottle when it's pulled off the shelf.

4. He/she puts it in the syringe and rereads the the bottle.

With all that said, there are times that mistakes are made even with the 4 steps that are put in place to stop this kind of mistake.

I know I didn't always read the forms and depended on the office not to make a mistake. But again, I'd be fit to be tied. No need to call a lawyer because even though it doesn't seem right to you and I, we are part of the process to stop this. Anyway, malpractice suits can only be filed if there is permanent damage. For the last time, know that I would be so angry if this happened to my child, I'm just giving you the facts.

Phyllis - posted on 11/13/2010




I would definitely see a different doctor regarding the after affects of this mistake, since the doctor/nurse who did this will naturally try to down play the reaction as nothing to worry about since their butts are on the line. Then I would take your family's records and find another clinic. A lawyer might help, as long as you have a record of which shots were given, but without those records, it may be a case of he said/she said.

Kari - posted on 11/12/2010




Doctors take vaccines too lightly. They are medications being administered directly into a child's bloodstream. When a mistake is made, a doctor/nurse should at least be reported to medical authorities. I would recommend finding a new doctor's office. You will not have confidence in the nurses/doctors in that office in the future. It will only cause you anxiety. I would request a copy of your medical records (pay whatever fee is required). Then, speak to an attorney to find out what options you have. I recommend not raising heck until you have a copy of your records. This is why: A friend's child had a reaction to his second DTAP shot and she informed the Dr. he would not be getting a third. While she was in another room with her second child, the shot was administered. She heard her son say, "Mommy! No!" She got there too late. She expressed her anger profusely. When she switched doctors, she was informed they "couldn't find" the medical records of either of her children. Hmmmm... Anyway, if you are going to switch doctors, pursue legal action, or report the doctor/nurse to medical authorities, I recommend paying for copies of your records beforehand, to be on the safe side.

Katherine - posted on 11/12/2010




Wow, that's a big no no. ANYTIME a child has a fever they should not have ANY injection. Especially a vaccination, ESPECIALLY. I'd raise hell too. Yeah mistakes happen, but your the 3rd person that's started this sort of thread in the last year.

They are just trying to do damage control by making it seem like no big deal. When in fact it is a big deal.

Write a letter, call and verbally complain, that's crap.

Rachel - posted on 11/12/2010




I would say you should talk to a lawyer. it seems many times that medical mistakes are just swept under the carpet and these "professionals" don't take responsibility for their actions that harm.
yes they are only human and can make mistakes but they are in a field which a mistake like that could kill. your baby had a severe reaction to the injection,yet it could have been worse, some children have been known to have seizures as a reaction.

Elizabeth - posted on 11/12/2010




By the way I understand mistakes happen, I don't believe a mistake should happen when you are injecting something into my baby, but I would probably not be as upset if they had been sympathetic to me. They keep telling me it's not a big deal and he will be fine but I hate the idea of vaccinations to begin with and now he needs an extra shot and he got pumped with drugs he didn't need. Their whole attitude towards this was making me question if I was being crazy to get so upset. I'm so glad there are other mothers out there that would be furious about this too. When it come to medical mistakes and small children you never know what kind of damage you could be doing.

User - posted on 11/12/2010




I would raise holly "heck" with the doctor and see that some kind of disciplinary actions be taken against them. If nothing gets done I would talk to an attorney to see what could be done...even if it just to make some noise.

Kate CP - posted on 11/12/2010




I'd launch a formal complaint against the nurse and either insist on a different nurse next time or find a different doctor.

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