What Would You Do?? Is There Any Justice For Children At All? I Want Anyone And Everyone To Know What Is Real, True Life!! Please Read!!

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How many of you reading this would consider your kids’ well-being important? Well I already know the answer to that. All of you would. As I tell this story, as well as provide not only documents but proof of neglect/abuse, put yourself in my situation, ask yourself, what are my kids worth to me and what would I do to protect them from any…and I mean any harm/danger?? All kids are innocent until their “parents/guardians/caretakers,” or others that are around to influence, corrupt those little ones that are vulnerable to persuasion.

My babies are my life. As yours are to you. So I will start by saying that I have two wonderful small children. Their names are Jr., he is 3, and Hunter, he is 2. They are very intelligent, very loving and very close to each other. Although they may have their differences they always stand for each other. Since November 2011 my boys have had to endure having to stay with their “biological father” Rocky in South Carolina. They had not had contact with him since February 2011. Strictly for 2 reasons. First reason was for the fact that the “biological father” only wanted to argue with me when I answered the phone, always. About one thing or another. The final reason was for the fact that while my, (at the time) 2 yr old, Jr. was talking with him on the phone, Rocky decided to get mad with Jr. and yell and cuss at him saying…and I quote… “f*** this S*** you ain’t worth my f***ing time. I immediately did what any person with any sense would have done. I hung up on Rocky, changed my number, and never spoke with him nor did he speak with the boys again.

Rocky then took money that he received from the IRS and spent it on a lawyer so that he could fight me for visitation/custody/child support. He failed to send the part of the money that was actually for the boys to them, and me since he decided to claim me as well (against my wishes). The whole while all this was happening in South Carolina I am struggling to get us back on our feet and our lives on track in Georgia. After not being served properly in Georgia, the hearing moved along and the Judge awarded in Rocky’s favor. The temporary order read that he would pay $40.00 per week child support,(if that’s what you consider support for 2 children), he would be granted the first weekend of every month visitation, and that I would have to take the boys to him half way which is supposedly McDonough, Ga. I read the papers and my heart hit the floor. I knew this wasn’t a good thing. How could it be? It was stated that it was in order in July but the order wasn’t signed until late October. So the first time my babies would be away from me would be November.

As I watched my boys leave in another car, to go to another state, with the one person I trust the very least with my kids, I couldn’t help but fall apart. Scared to death for their safety, I knew I had to obey the law. The weekend passed and my babies came back to me. The month of November went by fast. The month of December came and the visit returned. Another trip to McDonough another weekend without my kids. The weekend ended finally. With a court hearing coming the following week I made arrangements for them to stay in Georgia while my husband and I traveled to South Carolina. For nothing. The contempt case was thrown out because it seems that I had done nothing illegally wrong. Of course. Even though I wasn’t held in contempt the Judge had awarded Rocky 3 more days of visitation which would happen in January. From December 29th until January 2nd my boys had to be in South Carolina total of 5 days. I get them back. I miss them so much I have never felt anything like the fear I felt for them. February came another visit. March another visit. Then the day came for me to have my day in court. With Rocky’s criminal convictions, (drug charges as well as cruelty to children and family violence), documented and notarized, affidavits from myself and a witness’s to all violent situations that arose within the 4 years of our poisonous relationship, also with further requests that was made to the courts including suspending visitation until parenting classes, anger management classes, drug tests, and DNA tests were done. The final ruling was emptiness for me. Everything was decided against me. The one thing that was rendered in my favor was a 10-panel hair strand drug test which had to be done in one day. I left the courthouse, went to the lab had them cut my hair for my drug test, and headed home to my babies.

Feeling great for what the results of my drug test would be, I knew it was the right thing to do. At the end of the week my results were back in the lab. As I knew when I took the test…NEGATIVE for everything. A couple weeks went by and still no word from my attorney about Rocky’s results. It was near the 3rd week of march, with company at my house sitting around our dinner table eating supper I get a phone call. I am ecstatic with the news I receive. Rocky’s test results were in hand. It read POSITIVE for METHANPHETIMINE and also ANPHETIMINE. As I think to myself this now changes things for me and my boys. I am reassured that it means pretty much absolutely nothing. I still, even after these drug test results, have to “honor” the temporary order as it was before. My husband and I are on the phone every day for weeks afterwards trying to reach someone, anyone, any resources that will possibly help us keep Jr. and Hunter safe from this METH USER. We have yet to find any help. These boys need protection. I am their mother. Am I suppose to hand them over to Rocky, knowing what I’ve known all along. This person is no good for the boys. In any way. He is not only receiving unemployment to pay his $40.00 child support, he has stated that $40.00 is “all he could afford”. Yet he is on METH. What gives? When will the government stand up for the children again, instead of standing up for the ones that take advantage of and use and abuse the help the state provides, the state could possibly save my amazing children’s lives if anyone could possibly care enough and take the time to help.

I ask again what would you do? How far would you go to protect your children? Furthermore, how often does this happen to children without a glimps of what might could happen to them as a result of the drug abuser’s actions or decisions? If anyone knows anybody or anything that could help to keep my boys, and hopefully the lives of other children, safe from harm/danger, please do not hesitate to contact me. The people have to stand for something and who better to stand for than the lives of our future world, the lives of those loved ones lost daily because of these reasons, the voices of those that cannot be heard. Please help them.


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Well, I am sorry for what you and your family are going through. I would go to many extremes to protect my children, but in this case I would not go against the law. I might find a better lawyer though. It makes me sick when things like this happen, but even sicker when fathers that WANT to be in their childrens lives are not allowed when their is not drug abuse or other forms of abuse. I really wish the best for you and I hope some ladies in here can offer sound advice for you.

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