whats a fun activity to do with my 3 year old son?

Leah - posted on 02/20/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




just never know what to do on the weekends and stuff and feel like we waste the time when we could be doing somthing fun


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Oh I love toddler activities. I used to teach toddler art classes and they are a blast. Here are some very cheep art projects.

1. Get out light kayro syrup poor a little on a piece of card-stock paper then add one or two drops of food coloring and let your little one swirl the colors with their fingers. I recommend putting everything on a cookie sheet because you will want to let it dry overnight. When it is dry you will have a beautiful shiny painting.

2. Buy contact paper and tape it to the wall with painters tape. remove film and let your toddler make a collage. Give them scraps of material, paper I have even seen someone make a snowman using cotton balls. Be creative and you will be surprised as to what a little person can make.

3. take an empty can such as a coffee can or formula can cover it in white paper and let them color it with a marker or crayon. Then put some beans in it and glue or tape on the lid. This easy noise maker will be even more fun to shake because they helped make it.

4. Your little one probably loves dancing turn on the radio AOL has a free kids station and dance with them this will help them develop social skills and it is super fun.

5. Bake. Kids as young as two love to poor ingredients into bowls they are also learning to stir so don't be afraid of a little mess and let them help the next time you make cookies.

I hope this helps. You will be surprised at how much your child loves making projects with you.

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Send him on a treasure hunt. If you have a digital camera you can take pictures places around the house & garden and print them out then use them as the clues. Give him one picture and he has to go there to find the next "clue". After as many clues as you think he can handle he can find his 'treasure' (which I usually hide under a big X).

You can also make a list of things he has to collect along the way and then use them as another activity where he has to put them back. You put all of the things he has collected in a bag and then show him the pictures again in a different order and he has to remember what he 'found' in that place, get it out of the bag and go and put it back.

I do this with my 3 year old nephew and he LOVES it. We even dress up like pirates for it and he thinks it is great.

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Go to the zoo or park if it's nice, or an indoor aquarium if you have it. Indoor pool (outdoor in summer). Rec center. Play outside sledding, bug hunting, going for walks, tricycle or even a small bike if he's coordinated. Fishing, boating.


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have you tried baking my kids loved it . there was nothing better than putting your hands into a bowl of dough and mixing.

good luck

Donna - posted on 02/23/2010




I have 3 year old twin grandsons and they love play-dough, they will play for an hour or more , just don't do it on carpet

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My granddaughter loves the show "Blues Clues". My wise hubby cut some paper squares and colored in blue paw prints on them. Then he put some tape on the back and explained to our granddaughter that he was going to hide the clues for her to find. She loved this variation of hide and seek. Don't you just love free games you can create yourself for your children :). Great things to do when the weather is "yucky" as Chloe calls it lol.

Rebecca - posted on 02/23/2010




Making a Farmhouse


Any kids magazines or coloring books with farm animals as part of the theme.

An empty cardboard box

Crayons, paint, paint brushes (depends on what you want to do really), tape and clue.


What Chloe and I did:

1. Cut swing open windows and a barn door. Color the inside of your barn (cardboard box) creating hay stacks or textured areas on the floor or hanging farm equipment on the walls. Chloe and I also used any cardboard we had left over to make stalls with.

2. Color and cut out the animal figures but make sure you cut some extra at the foot of each because then you can fold that piece glue it to the bottom of your farm house and have a standup figure.

3. Once we had the inside finished, we taped the flaps at the top of our barn to form a roof peak. Then we took a piece of construction paper and glued it to the roof once we had the paper lined up like an overhanging roof. I have made one with just roof peaks to suggest a roof was there with the rest of the roof open for better viewing. We used some stuffed (local fast food kidsmeal soft animals also) and put them in stalls.

4. We also pasted cats and dogs pictures from our coloring books to the outside of the barn so it looks like they were standing next to it. Chloe drew flowers near the doors. Don't forget a loft door where you can paste a picture of a chicken with some hay.

This project took us a good hour to do. She played with it for days.

Note: I did all the cutting and had control of the scissors at all times. I really enjoyed doing this project.

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Thank You for everyone's ideas it was helpful can't wait to have some fun very soon

Christina - posted on 02/20/2010




toddlertoddler.com has tons of arts and crafts i used to work at a day care and really it doesnt take much to make there day.
a tub of water and cups you can also play sink or float they love exploring with water
shaving cream on a table top
one kids loved was called clean finger painting you take paper put two blobs of paint on it then cover it with plastic wrap n let them swirl the colors threw the wrap
make a tent inside or out and have a pic nick if inside try a weird part of the house like eating in the bathroom they will think its the coolest
there are millions of things to do and you dont have to be fancy or go out unless thats what your looking for then find your local paper they always have kid stuff and look into the library too they do lots for kids as well
hope i helped good luck

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i think his ready for a swimming lesson .- try why not , right ? then maybe outdoors activities sports.. depends what weather you have in your country... there's a lot thing you could do maybe arts and craft...

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There is a nice chirldrens museum down town... my son really enjoys that... Also go to the store and get the ingredence to make a home made pizza my son loves it they are so proud when you take it out of the oven and they get to eat pizza that they made...

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