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my mother has taken custody of my kids until Friday, now im not good with getting personal but i have to, to git the best advice right? okay well this is why my mom took my kids. 1.underage drinking- i have proof there was none. 2. endangering child by driving with no illences or insurance(sorry about the spelling) 3. domestic violence, ill explain tht in further detail in a moment. 4. cys invovled all the time- case was closed out in febuary bc of my mom i did have a case, again tht was closed in feb. 5. kids do not have regular doctors appts, i was seen threw out my pregnancy, and also my oldest has brownkidious, he was jus at the doctors so was i, and so was my 3week old, i have two sons who are 23 months and 3 weeks. now the only thing my mother can prove is the simple fact that one domestic violence call was placed that's all. umm, only bc i called me n my boyfriend got into a fight i found out he was cheating slashed his tires n it excolladed to where we both had our hands on each other, hes never hit-tin me before nor have i hit him before n we both do not hit the kids, ones three weeks n the others 2 we do time outs, but i will admit tht we smacked jay on his butt back in early may because he ran out in to the road, no marks were left my kids are always taking care of no matter what. my boyfriend can fight for my 3 week old bc he is dad, but my oldest, inst his he belongs to someone else. whom my mother has contacted n he will be there at the hearing my question is, because i prove e very allegation but one is false, the other one is a police call bt no charges or anything was pressed, can my oldest sons father whos never met his son or bothered to try take my oldest? we made arrangements but we ended up in fights in was squashed because of our immaturity's. he doesn't pay his child support never has, and he has never gone into the courts to press the issue. umm. so what is the best advice tht you can give me? can my oldest be taken and do u think i have a shot at winning my kids bk?


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I think you have a lot to prove to the courts that you can be mature enough to raise these kids. I understand the no insurance on the car, (financial strain, I know but you should have it) but no licence is just simply endangerment. You could be in a lot of trouble on this one.

As for the fact that the police have been called to a domestic violence case is not good. It is just ammunition to your mother to keep the kids. As for the abscent father getting your elder son that is highly unlikely as he is a complete stranger to the child. If he does step up he will be given visitation rights to the child and he will have to pay maintenance.

Your best defence is to prove to the court that you are trying to change by showing them that you have taken steps to improve your behaviour. If you are staying with your partner this is going to be tricky. Book some councilling as a couple to deal with anger management. May be even a parenting class. I know it is insulting but if you can prove you mean business then the court is more likely to place the children back with you with a supervison order of some form where you are visited regularly to make sure everything is ok. If you are willing to do all this then it will only be in your favour.

Now stop messing about. Get a licence, insurance and act like a grown up. People do not go around thumping each other especially infront the kids. This is the quickest way to lose them for good. Being a parent is a responsible job and it is serious the mess you are in. If you want to be a mum to those kids you have to think about your actions first.

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