Whats the best milk to give my 12 month old

Kyra - posted on 12/16/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




What else can I give me 12 month old shes not taking to whole milk or
Lactid whole milk?


Dove - posted on 12/16/2012




The best milk for a 12 month old is breast milk and it is 100% ok to continue with that to 2 years and beyond..

If you are not breastfeeding... I would stick with whatever formula you've been using for a little while.

Is it just that she doesn't like or want to drink the whole milk.... or is it not agreeing with her body?

You can try different cups, slowly mixing just a bit of milk in with the formula and gradually decreasing the formula amount. You CAN add flavoring to the milk, but I'd be inclined to give her other sources of dairy (like yogurt and cheese) before I would do that.

That's all I've got in input as my older kids took right to milk from breastfeeding.... and my littlest one nursed til 3 (and also liked milk on occasion after 12 months).


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JD - posted on 12/16/2012




First, I have to ask if you formula feed or breastfeed?

If you formula feed, here is a trick you can try: Start mixing the formula with a very little bit of milk, but only enough that it barely affects the taste, and gradually increase the amount of milk as you go along until you eventually eliminate the formula altogether.

If you are breastfeeding, I would recommend just sticking to breastmilk for the time being, but if are looking to wean off the breast you can look into a soft tipped sippy cup, given you have the time/ability to pump. If you have already weaned and would rather just go to cow's milk, I suggest trying flavored kind. I have also heard that some breastfed babies also take better to goat's milk than they do cow's. Many breastfed babies aren't fond of the taste of cow's milk and need to work up to it as they go along.

If all else fails, I would suggest alternative forms of milk such as flavored rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk, granted your child does not have an allergy to any of them.

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